Booster Club

Liberty Bell Mountain Lion Mascot

Go Mountain Lions!

The Liberty Bell Booster Club brings together parents, teachers, administrators, and community members to develop extra-curricular activity programs at Liberty Bell by improving and sustaining the spirit, fellowship, and knowledge among members and the surrounding community in a cooperative and enthusiastic manner.

The club promotes ALL extra-curricular activity groups at Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School in a way that enhances the sharing of school spirit, and provides moral as well as financial support.

The Boosters operate under an established set of by-laws, which describe how the organization conducts business. Open elections are held annually to elect club officers. A Board of Directors — representing each activity group — governs the club.

If you have a fundraising idea or would like to get more involved, please contact us. The Booster Club meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the high school library. This is an open meeting, so feel free to attend any time.

This is the perfect year to get involved at YOUR high school! Visit the Booster Club Facebook page for updates.

Booster Club

President: Dee Townsend
Vice President: Jennifer Duguay (, 509-733-0139) 
Treasurer: Pam Purtell
Board Members: Shaun Siebel, Cathie Lewis
Concessions Chair: Gale Haley
Publicity/Advertising: Rick Lewis
Clothing/Merchandise: Dee Townsend