Welcome Back!

Dear Methow Valley Families and Community Members:

Serving as home to approximately 630 students and their families, many of which have been deeply impacted by the recent fires, I am reminded as to why the Methow Valley remains a place of wonder, magic, and enchantment… a place we call home. Our valley is a reflection of you. In addition to our deep sense of place, our strength lies in the resiliency, courage, care, and compassion displayed for one another throughout our entire community.

Oftentimes, the challenges we find ourselves faced with serve as opportunities for each of us to model the positive attributes we wish to see our youth display. This being said, the Methow Valley School District looks forward to working in close partnership with our families and many community partners to develop curious, creative, compassionate, action-oriented citizens prepared to change the world.

Having served as a base camp to approximately 2,000 fire crew during the past month, we are busy preparing our facilities for your return. In support of your return, we’d like to share a couple of noteworthy updates that include:

  • Our first official school day is Tuesday, September 2nd.
  • In support of our families, and as a part of our effort to provide all students with a free and appropriate education, we have…
    1. Eliminated all course fees (with the exception of extra-curricular fees and driver’s education fees) at Liberty Bell.
    2. Eliminated all school supply fees and activity fees at grades K-6.
    3. Eliminated fees associated with the 6th grade Campout.
    4. Assistance available to students and families needing school supplies at grades 7-12.
  • Our school offices are open to the public beginning on Monday, August 18th.
  • New student registration begins on Thursday, August 21st.

As one of our six strategic areas of focus – Equity and Excellence for All, coupled with the recent fires, we have initiated the process of eliminating course fees, supply fees, and other school-related expenses that can serve as an economic hardship to families and a barrier for our students.

Knowing that some of our families enjoy the traditions associated with gearing up for the new school year, we are encouraging families to consider establishing a new tradition by donating (a strength of our community) to organizations that make a significant impact upon the lives and education of every child and family… Public School Funding Alliance, Methow Arts, Classroom in Bloom, Twispworks, The Cove, Liberty Bell Boosters Club, Kiwanis, and/or Room One. Each of these organizations works closely with our schools to enrich and support all of our students.

As your superintendent, I want to welcome your return as we kick off the 2014-15 school year. I am confident that by working together in close partnership our children will change the world!


Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District