Message from the Superintendent

Dear Methow Students and Families,

I hope each of you enjoyed an “extended” Thanksgiving Break! My guess is that it would be difficult for many of you to recall the last time school was closed in the Methow Valley. However, as you are well aware, due to the heavy snowfall, causing power outages and hazardous traveling conditions prior to Thanksgiving Break, I chose to close our schools.

As you can imagine, there is some risk in early notification – notifying staff and families that we are closing school the night before school. However given the adverse weather conditions, forecast, safety concerns, and disruption that changes in our school schedule creates for our families, it seemed like the right thing to do.

“When will we make up the Snow Day?” Of course, that is the primary question that immediately emerges for most…

In anticipation of this question, our district’s Calendar Committee has been working together to discuss possible options with the hope of communicating their decision prior to Winter Break.

Regardless of the option selected (identifying a make-up day within the current school year or extending the current school year), we anticipate scheduling conflicts will arise for those who already have pre-arranged travel plans. Anticipating this, we will work together to develop solutions to address the needs associated with students, staff and families that have pre-arranged plans.


Tom Venable