Methow Valley School District Seeking Full-time, On-site, Mental Healthcare Professional

As we kick-off the new year, we are extremely excited to announce that Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare (OBHC) is working with the Methow Valley School District to hire a full-time, on-site Mental Health Professional prepared to support our students and families. This aligns with our district’s vision – “Working in partnership with our families and community, we develop: curious, creative, compassionate, competent, action-oriented citizens prepared to change the world.”

The Methow Valley School District believes in promoting the social-emotional well-being of our students by providing increased student and family access to support systems that include district-wide counseling services. To accomplish this, the district has formed the Student and Family Support Team consisting of the two school counselors, Amy Faxon and Hannah Sands, the school nurse, Laura Brumfield, the school psychologist, Jim Cordell, the Youth and Family social worker, Melinda Boonstra, the Student Success Coordinator, Margell Callier and principal Deborah DeKalb. This team meets weekly to ascertain the needs of our students and they determined the need to add Mental Health counseling for our students. The team, with the support of superintendent Tom Venable wrote a letter to Skip Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer of OBHC to outline the needs of our students. As a result, OBHC has agreed to offer a full-time counselor for our school district as well as the other districts in Okanogan County. We feel incredibly thankful to welcome a Mental Health counselor to the Student and Family Support Team.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare. They are seeking applications from qualified professionals to serve the Omak, Okanogan, Tonasket, Oroville, Brewster, Pateros, Grand Coulee and Methow school districts. Duties include individual and group counseling to youth population during the school year and summer months. Masters Degree in a Behavioral Science with 2 years experience treating mentally ill clients required, MSW preferred. Salary Range – $52,000 – $65,000 annually. Send cover letter and resume’ to: Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare – ATTN: Jessica Blake -1007 Koala Dr. Omak, WA 98841 inquire by

OBHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.