Methow Valley Schools to Launch Search Process for the Director of Operations and Capital Projects

Operations Management PositionMethow Valley Schools will be restructuring how we manage our transportation department, food services department, and custodial/maintenance departments within our organization. The district’s decision to restructure is based upon a set of beliefs. These include the belief that:

  • Every department within our organization impacts student learning. This includes the interactions that take place between our students when traveling on the bus to-and-from school, students receiving healthy nutritious meals, and having access to safe and clean facilities that facilitate teaching and learning.
  • Improving the quality of our services provided to students in families begins with strong leadership and support for all staff. Thus, it requires us to strategically invest existing resources into the professional growth and development of every staff member.
  • We invest in the on-going maintenance of our community-owned facilities. With the successful passage of our recent Capital Projects and Transportation Vehicle Fund levies, both require careful management and close supervision.

More specifically, Methow Valley Schools will be establishing a new position titled, Director of Operations and Capital Projects. This position will provide direct leadership and support to the Transportation Department, Food Services Department, and Custodial/Maintenance Department and lead the management of our many levy-funded projects.

We will be posting the position and a detailed job description to our website no later than the end of June. If you believe you are well-qualified to fill this position, we encourage you to apply.