Methow Valley School District Budget Development Process

Strategically Investing Our Limited Resources

MVS Budget ProcessThe Methow Valley School District Budget Development Process has been designed to promote an inclusive and transparent process that encourages broad stakeholder participation into the development of a balanced budget that strategically aligns our limited resources with the district’s Strategic Vision.

The Methow Valley School District’s Strategic Vision document, built upon the feedback provided by students, parents, community members, and staff, outlines a clear vision, set of core beliefs, and learner outcomes. It also includes Six Strategic Anchors – Areas of focus, aligned to our vision, values, and outcomes that drive action!

In addition to reviewing the Methow Valley School District Strategic Vision document, we’d like to encourage your participation in the Methow Valley School District Budget Development Process. 

Our Budget:

The Methow Valley School District has an annual budget of approximately 7.5 million dollars. Like many districts across the state and nation, roughly 83% of the operating budget is spent on staff salary and benefits. With a goal of maintaining another 5-7% in reserve for unforeseen and unplanned expenditures, our district allocates approximately 10-12% toward the design and implementation of our educational programs.

Participate in the Process:

We want to hear from you… Please review the 2016-17 Proposed Budget Priorities document [pdf]. Once you’ve done so, please email superintendent, Tom Venable at and tell him: 

• What you like
• What’s missing
• What you believe could be reduced or eliminated

The ideas you submit will be given careful consideration as we work to finalize a balanced budget that strategically aligns our allocation of resources with our short-term and long-range priorities for action.

Thank you for your participation in the process!

Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District


Professional Development Day: Friday, October 7 - All MVSD Schools and the District Office will be Closed to the Public