Independent Learning Center Moves to TwispWorks!

Liberty Bell Careers in ConstructionDid you hear that sound this afternoon? Did you hear that roaring sound of thunder? No, that wasn’t a pair of low-flying jets, nor was it thunder and lightening… It was the sound of our Independent Learning Center students and staff following the announcement that they are moving to join the TwispWorks campus, beginning in the fall of the 2016-17 school year!

Last night, little deliberation was needed by the board prior to providing their unanimous support for the decision to move the ILC to the TwispWorks campus. Today, we announced the decision to partner with TwispWorks to our students.

The decision to partner with TwispWorks, an organization that shares a similar vision and goals was not difficult. The move not only provides our ILC students (students who have elected to approach their learning through their individual interests and passions using combination of projects, internships, and core coursework) a campus that emphasizes economic vitality through the arts and mentorship of youth, but it also provides our hard working Transportation Department with a safe, heated meeting/work space, free of exhaust.

Further, it provides an opportunity for students participating in the Careers in Construction and Welding Academy an opportunity to put their skills to good use in the modernization of the facility over time.

There is much work to do in advance of our opening in the fall and undoubtedly, fine tuning that will occur along the way, but we are excited to take this next step in support of our students, staff, and program.

Please join us in celebrating the expanding partnership between the MVSD and TwispWorks!