2017-18 School Calendar Options: MVSD Calendar Committee Solicits Parent and Community Input

District CalendarThe Methow Valley School District Calendar Committee, a team that includes staff, parent, and a student representation have spent time considering the many complexities associated with the development of a school calendar and have developed two options.

Prior to facilitating a staff vote upon the two options, they would like to solicit a final round of input from you. More specifically, they would like to hear what you see as the pros and cons associated with each the two options.

Feedback in the form of pros/cons (not votes) received no later than Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 will be reviewed and considered before finalizing the two options. Once finalized, the two calendar options that will be presented to staff for a final vote. The 2017-18 calendar option receiving the most votes will be presented to the superintendent and school board for final approval.

Feedback in the form of pros/cons associated with Calendar Option #1: Pre-Labor Day Start and Calendar Option #2: Post-Labor Day Start can be emailed directly to Tom Venable, MVSD Superintendent at tvenable@methow.org

View/download Calendar Option #1: Pre-Labor Day Start

View/download Calendar Option #2: Post-Labor Day Start

Thank you for your participation!
MVSD Calendar Committee


Professional Development Day: Friday, October 7 - All MVSD Schools and the District Office will be Closed to the Public