Methow Valley School District to Explore Possible Partnership with Methow Valley Cascaders 4-H Program

4H Club at Okanogan County FairLiberty Bell Senior, Emily Paul has initiated conversation with the Methow Valley School District and the Methow Valley Cascaders 4-H Club about a possible partnership. The partnership would allow participating students in grades 9 – 12 to receive high school credit and apply their 4-H projects to their 10th grade Personal Project and their 12th grade Senior Project.

The MVSD has a strong interest in developing knowledgeable and skillful students who can apply their learning outside of the walls of a classroom. As stated in its core beliefs, the district also recognizes, “We can’t do it alone. We can do it together.”

Simply put, there are many reasons as to why we think this makes good sense… Here a just a few that have been discussed so far:

  • Honors our community’s history, traditions, and cultures
  • Provides youth with an opportunity to develop and apply their knowledge and skills through authentic, real-world learning opportunities
  • Provides students with access to community-based mentors that have an interest in supporting our youth
  • Promotes the development of positive attributes and attitudes that are difficult to measure, yet serve as strong predictors of success in life
  • Acknowledges the hard work and dedication displayed by each student by counting their time spent exhibiting their learning at the Okanogan County Fair as a school day, rather than an absence from school
  • Provides students with multiple pathways toward graduation and beyond, driven by individual student interests

As such, the district will be meeting with Emily, Molly Patterson – Emily’s Senior Project Mentor, Suellen White – 4-H Coordinator, and others with 4-H to discuss how we take Emily’s vision and turn it into a reality for all students.

We look forward to sharing more as the partnership between the MVSD and the Methow Valley Cascaders 4-H Program begins to take shape!

Curious, Creative, Compassionate, Competent, Action-Oriented Citizenship – Way to go Emily Paul!