Out with the Old, in with the New: MVSD Nearing Completion of Weight and Conditioning Room (The Lion’s Den) Renovation

The Lions DenWith just a few items left to unpack and assemble, we’d like to thank the Methow Valley community for it’s generous support of our efforts to develop healthy, fit, active youth.

It’s through the successful passage of a Capital Projects – Facilities Improvements Levy, coupled with additional support provided by the Liberty Bell Boosters Club, Winthrop Kiwanis, Rick Northcott Construction, and members of the MVSD Student Health Advisory Counsel (SHAC), that the MVSD finds itself nearing the completion of the renovation of the “The Lion’s Den,” LBHS’s weight and conditioning center.

There is great energy and enthusiasm associated with this particular project. One member of the SHAC and the district’s Health and Fitness Committee recently stated, “The vision of developing healthy, fit, active youth by providing all students with access to a high quality weight and conditioning facility become a reality has been a long-standing dream for many of us. Its great to live and work in a community cares so deeply about its youth in so many ways… including the ability of all students to access healthy lifestyle choices, regardless of their economic situation.”

Another member of SHAC added, “It aligns nicely with the goals of our food services program and Classroom in Bloom. Its just another example of the school district and community’s collective efforts to develop healthy, balanced, well-rounded individuals.”

A student representative of SHAC eagerly asked, “The old workout room was downright dangerous. I can’t believe what I’m seeing! It fills me with pride for our schools and gratitude toward our community… When can we use it?”

Michael Wilbur, MVSD’s new Activities and Athletics Director will be announcing the official opening of the The Lion’s Den and providing detailed information related to schedules, supervision, and guidelines for use in the coming days. Once finalized, you can expect this information to be posted to our district’s website.

In addition, we plan to share more information about a community tour of the new facility. We anticipate the tour will take place in the fall during halftime of an upcoming LBHS football game at Mountain Lion Stadium.

On behalf of our students, “Thank you Methow Valley!”