Inquiring and Analyzing, Developing Ideas, Creating, and Evaluating… Liberty Bell Jazz Band Students Learning to Compose, Produce, and Perform through Music!

Jazz Band Student Composing MusicThursday, we caught members of the Liberty Bell Jazz Band applying the “Design Cycle” through music.

Using software funded by the district’s Technology Levy and instruments supported by a grant from the Winthrop Music Association, LB Music Teacher, Matt Armbrust has been teaching students how to compose and produce music in preparation for upcoming performances.

Working within the Design Cycle, a recursive process defined by inquiry, analysis, development, production, and evaluation, students develop the habits of mind associated with critical thinking, research process, communication, and self-management skills that support their learning across a variety of subject areas… Better yet, students are able to initiate meaningful action with their learning – In this case, developing, producing, and performing sweet sounds to the enjoyment of their audience.

Thank you Winthrop Music Association and Methow Valley Citizens for your generous support of our students, schools, and growing music program!