Presenting the 2019-20 MVSD School Calendar!

District Calendar Using the feedback provided by students, staff, parents, and community members, the Methow Valley Calendar Committee submitted a proposed 2019-20 MVSD School Calendar to the superintendent and school board for final approval at Wednesday’s regular board meeting.

In advance of voting, members of the school board acknowledged the many complexities associated with the establishment of a school calendar.

Board Chair, Marchbank stated, “It’s an impossible task to create one calendar that pleases everyone. However, I must say that I’m pleased by the committee’s effort to prioritize teaching and learning, build in multiple opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to come together to set goals and discuss their progress, provide ongoing professional development opportunities for all staff… and develop a calendar that recognizes the County Fair as a rich part of our Valley’s history by providing a day off on the first Friday.” It received unanimous support and final approval from the school board.

A final draft of the calendar on display will be made available shortly following Spring Break, but we wanted make this information available to you sooner rather than later for those of you eager to make summer plans.


Download/view Draft 2019-20 District Calendar