MVSD Eliminates Pay-to-Play Fees!

2018 Cross Country - Scholastic ChampsDid you know that approximately 85% of our Liberty Bell and Independent Learning Center students participate in one or more extra-curricular activities?

With a focus on the development of healthy, fit, active youth, coupled with the belief that public education should be free, one of our six strategic areas of focus, the MVSD is taking another step toward the goal of eliminating all school-related fees by eliminating Pay-to-Play fees, beginning this fall!

As part of the MVSD’s focus on “Equity and Excellence for All,” the MVSD is committed to providing our students and families with a free and appropriate public education. In recent years, this has included the elimination of all supply fees, course fees, many enrichment fees, some testing fees, and reductions to Pay-to-Play fees.

When asked about the decision to eliminate Pay-to-Play fees altogether, Board Chair Gary Marchbank stated, “This is a reflection of our district’s budget development process in action. We invest in what we value… And we finish what we start in support of our students and families.”

He went on to state, “While this is an action fully supported by the entire school board, I have to credit Frank Kline for his strong leadership, tireless advocacy, and relentless efforts to remove the economic hardship created by fees for students and their families. This is another step forward in the right direction.”

Please join us as we thank the Methow Valley School Board for their visionary and inclusive leadership and the citizens of the Methow Valley for their generous support of our schools. What a wonderful place to raise children!