MVSD Appoints Sara Mounsey to Serve as Principal of the Independent Learning Center

Sara MounseyIndependent Learning Center (ILC) Advisor, Sara Mounsey has been appointed to serve as the ILC Principal, beginning in the fall of the 2019-20 school year.

Serving alongside an exceptional team of educators that include ILC Advisor, KIm Odell and Mentorship Coordinator, Kelleigh McMillan, Sara will be adding the title of ILC Principal to her current assignment as an ILC advisor.

Prior to appointing Sara to serve as the ILC’s principal, Superintendent Venable consulted ILC Advisor, Kim Odell. When asked about whether to post the position or make an appointment, Kim was quick to respond by stating, “The ILC as it exists today is a reflection of Sara’s vision. She has inspired all of us to make the vision a reality. I can’t imagine a better person to serve as the ILC’s Principal.”

Sara obtained her administrative credentials from Gonzaga University’s Innovative Leadership and Administrative Credentialing Program. The innovative program of study, affiliated with Big Picture Learning and School Foundry, was designed to promote the development of a select group of transformative, equity-driven leaders… Leaders capable of leading through the change process to cultivate a personalized approach to learning, one student at a time.

In addition to her participation in the innovative leadership program, Sara has lead the establishment of one the first competency-based programs of study endorsed by the State Board of Education, facilitated the development of a rapidly growing network of high schools now offering or transitioning to a competency-based approach, and supported the successful passage of new legislation that firmly establishes a competency-based approach to teaching and learning as a pathway toward graduation and beyond.

When asked about his decision to appoint Sara to serve as the ILC’s principal, Superintendent Venable stated, “There are many leaders, but only a select few that lead… Individuals whose vision, beliefs, and values are visible through their actions. And, their actions inspire us to achieve what we didn’t know was possible.”

Please join us as we congratulate Sara Mounsey, ILC Principal!


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