MVSD Selects Jeremiah Wicken to Serve as ILC Advisor

Jeremiah WickenWith continued growth in student enrollment at the Independent Learning Center (ILC), coupled with the feedback provided by last year’s graduating seniors, suggesting the need to provide higher levels of content-based support in the areas of math and science, the MVSD has hired Jeremiah Wicken to serve as an Advisor alongside Sara Mounsey and Kim Odell.

Most recently, Jeremiah has been serving as a math and science teacher at Omak Middle School. Prior to doing so, Jeremiah served as an Educational Support Professional at the ILC while pursuing a degree in science education.

A former drama and theatre major, Jeremiah stated that he became increasingly Intrigued by his science coursework, cultivating a curiosity about the world, and how it works. Jeremiah’s love of science, math, and interest in working with students fueled his decision to pursue a degree in education with a focus in the area of science.

When asked about his new position as an Advisor at the ILC, Jeremiah stated, “I’m thankful that I’m being granted the opportunity… and excited to continue to learn and grow as an educator.”

When Jeremiah is not teaching in the classroom, he competes in powerlifting competitions, serves as a strength and conditioning coach, and is a self-described, “avid baker.”

Please join us as we welcome Jeremiah Wicken, ILC Advisor!