MVSD Expands Transportation Service to Include After-School Activities Bus

Bus Driver - VinceWorking within the Strategic Area of Focus titled, “Equity and Excellence for All,” the MVSD is taking positive steps to eliminate the barriers and obstacles faced by our students and families by expanding its transportation services, including the transportation of students participating in after-school extracurricular activities.

When will the new route begin?

The new route will take effect on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Where will the new route stop?

The stops associated with the new route include: the Winthrop Baseball Field and Library, the Winthrop Ice Rink, Little Star Montessori, The Merc, and the Twisp Airport Soccer Field. Stops will vary from one season to the next and are subject to change based upon the activities taking place within our community. Changes to routes will be communicated in advance.

Is it true that the district will begin transporting skis?

Yes. The newly established route will include three stops where students traveling with larger equipment (e.g. skis and hockey sticks) may board. This includes Hank’s Market, the Winthrop Ice Rink, and the Mazama Store. Depending upon the season and related activities, pick up and drop off sites could change. Please note, skis will need to be in a ski bag.

Will this result in some changes for regular bus riders?

Yes. Some students will be assigned to the new route as part of their regular route. Parents of students who will be assigned to the new route will be notified of the change during the week of January 6, 2020.

How was the decision made?

In late November, a team of building administrators, secretaries, and representatives from the MVSD Department of Transportation, met to review bus routes, ridership rates, staffing capacity, and student needs. Based upon the data and feedback, it was determined that another route was needed to accommodate our district’s growing enrollment, expanded ridership, and increased participation in after-school activities. Balancing the safety of our students and drivers with the desire to ensure all students are able to access the many enriching after-school activities taking place throughout our community from one season to the next, they identified a solution. It was recommended that we establish a new “After-School Activities Route.”

Will it be perfect?

No. But it’s a place for us to begin as we attempt to ensure all students can access the many enriching activities taking place throughout our community.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to invest in what we value — the health and wellness of our students, parents, and community!
If you have further questions, we encourage you to contact Bud Hover, Director of Operations at or Leanna Jensen, Secretary at or call (509) 997-2113.