Honoring Excellence – Congratulations Hana Baker and Lotty Ekblad, MVSD’s 2020 Excellence Award Recipients!

Each year, school district employees across the North Central region of Washington State are encouraged to submit the names of colleagues (one certificated employee and one classified employee) they believe represent excellence in public education.

This year, the Methow Valley School District received more nominations than ever before, each reflecting the exceptional dedication and commitment to service taking place throughout our schools in support of students and families. At the end of the day, two names rose to the top…

Hana Baker, Methow Valley Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher

Serving as a 2nd grade teacher at Methow Valley Elementary School, Mrs. Baker works collaboratively with students, staff, and parents to promote high levels of student engagement and ownership of their learning, developing critical thinking, research, communication, and self-management skills at every step along the way in support their ability to necessary to pursue the widest range of post-secondary college, career, and life opportunities possible.

When staff was asked why they nominated Mrs. Baker to receive the MVSD Excellence Award, one staff member stated, “Hana Baker is an exceptional teacher. She is a champion for equity, ensuring that all students in her classroom can access their education. This year Hana received a grant from PSFA to purchase a set of snowshoes to allow 2nd graders to get outside during the winter months. She is a supportive colleague who holds herself to high standards. Hana is an important reason why “every student shines” in the Methow Valley School District.”

Another staff member added, “She approaches her job with such professionalism… She sees into the needs of her students and is able to individualize and differentiate her instruction accordingly while creating an atmosphere of joyful learning in her classroom.”

Finally, another staff members chimed in stating, “Simply put, she makes all of us better.”

Lotty Ekblad, Methow Valley School District Educational Support Professional

Serving as an Educational Support Professional who works with Methow Valley Elementary students, Mrs. Ekblad is a caring, compassionate educator who is highly respected by students, parents and staff alike.

When staff was asked why they nominated Mrs. Ekblad to receive the MVSD Excellence Award, a staff member who works closely with Mrs. Ekblad stated, ”Lotty does amazing work with all of the children she serves. I’m especially impressed with her ability to work on multiple goals during one activity. For example, she may be helping a student each lunch while also working on fine motor, communication, and social goals. She is good at looking at the big picture of who the student is, and creates close trusting relationships with the students. And she manages to do all of this while remaining calm, collected, and with a smile on her face. She is truly amazing!”

Another staff member added, “She does her job with empathy and compassion. She creates deep, meaningful relationships with her students.”

Congratulations Hana Baker and Lotty Ekblad, Methow Valley School District’s 2020 Excellence Awards Recipients – You inspire all of us!