Tuesday, March 17: Meals, Childcare, and Academic Enrichment Update

Dear Methow Valley Students and Parents,

Have you ever been asked if you have a superpower? Recently, I was asked, “If someone were to describe your superpower, what would it be?” I stated, “I’m guessing my superpower would be my ability to surround myself with really bright, creative, hardworking, action-oriented individuals. Better yet, my ability to find myself surrounded by a collection of selfless individuals who come together to act as one in service and support of others.”

This has never been more evident than right now. Faced with making sense of a worldwide pandemic, the planning, and coordination in preparation of a strategic response by the Methow Valley School District administrative team, staff and members, community partners has been unparalleled… Not to mention the calm, steady, reassuring presence of our parents. We are grateful.

Below is a brief description outlining some of the essential services that our exceptional staff have developed in support of our students, parents, and community. While some of the services are still being refined in advance of their anticipated launch date, I want to keep you informed at every step along the way.

Working together, acting as one, in support of the health and wellness of the Methow Valley!


Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District



Meal Services

Facilitated by Bud Hover, MVSD Director of Operations and Laura Wottlin, MVSD Head Cook, we’ll be launching the MVSD’s “grab-and-go” meal services in support of all youth throughout the Methow Valley.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, the grab-and-go meals will be made available to all youth, ages 0-18, at no cost, whether they attend our schools or not. Each grab-and-go meal will contain a breakfast and lunch prepared by the MVSD Food Services team.

  • They will be delivered Monday through Friday by our MVSD bus drivers and staff at each bus stop on the regular morning bus schedule. If you are uncertain which bus stop your student is assigned to for pick-up/drop-off, please visit the Transportation/Bus Routes page or contact the MVSD Transportation Department at (509) 997-2113.
  • In addition, grab-and-go meals will be made available between 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at each of four “drop zones” strategically located throughout the Methow Valley. Drop zone locations include: Carlton Fire Department, Independent Learning Center on the TwispWorks Campus in Twisp, the Red Barn in Winthrop, and Mazama Community Center.
  • Friday Food Bags will be distributed to participating families on a weekly basis.

We appreciate your patience with this process in advance and ask that you allow for additional time on either side of your scheduled stop during the first week of operation.


Childcare Services

Coordinated by Katharine Bill, MVSD Family and Community Engagement Coordinator and Megan Fraser, MVSD After School Childcare Coordinator, we will be offering childcare services to elementary-age students (already enrolled in the MVSD) whose parents serve as medical personnel and first responders beginning Monday, March 23.

  • The hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Participating students will be picked up at their regular morning bus stop.
  • Participating students will be dropped off at one of four evening drop stations – the Mazama Community Center, Red Barn in Winthrop, or the Independent Learning Center on TwispWorks Campus in Twisp, or the Carlton Fire Department.

Acknowledging the demand for childcare services for youth throughout the Methow Valley extends well beyond the parents of children working as medical personnel or first responders, we are initiating a “call to action” on behalf of other service-oriented organizations within the community to consider offering similar services to children of families in need.


Academic Enrichment Services

Coordinated by Crosby Carpenter, LBHS Principal, Sara Mounsey, ILC Principal, and Paul Gutlzer, MVE Principal and designed by members of the MVSD staff, we are preparing to launch our “academic enrichment” services in support of all students in grades K-12, beginning Monday, March 23.

Recognizing we cannot replace what takes place between a teacher and student, please know that staff are working together with best intent under stressful conditions to design academic enrichment opportunities that are intended to be equitable and accessible to all students regardless of the challenges and barriers faced by some of our students.

Working through a lens of equity, our staff is actively engaged in the process of designing suggested activities and supporting resources for use in the home. They are intended to be simple in design, promote research, critical thinking, and communication skills, encourage outdoor play and exploration, and facilitate student practice, reinforcing what have already learned using resources that can be accessed digitally and/or in hard copy.

You can expect to hear more about academic enrichment opportunities and related resources from your student’s teacher(s) beginning the week of March 23 and at all points along the way throughout the extended school closure.


Upcoming Events

Spring Break
All services will be suspended April 6 – 10 in recognition of Spring Break.

Spring Conferences
Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled to take place the week of April 20 – 24. They will take place remotely on an “as needed” basis as determined by the student, parent and/or teacher.