MVSD Promotes the Development of Healthy, Fit, Active Youth in the Face of COVID-19

Staying healthy, fit and active is important in these challenging times. It contributes to our health, wellbeing and even our resistance to illness. While activities such as team sports practices and competition are not an option at this time, there are still plenty of ways to keep moving: get outside and go for a run, ride a bike, fly a kite, take a hike, or simply throw a ball against a wall and catch it, and repeat until someone comes out and yells at you to stop.

For those looking for additional options or a more programmatic approach to fitness, LBHS is pleased to offer another opportunity for staying active: PLT4M’s Remote Training Program.

PLT4M is an online-based approach to strength and conditioning being piloted this year at LBHS. In light of the ongoing situation around COVID-19, PLT4M has developed a series of workouts that virtually anyone can do in their own home, utilizing little or no equipment. PLT4M’s entire library of programming, including the Remote Fitness program described above, is now available to all LBHS students and staff.

How to get started:

Get moving. Stay moving. Be healthy. Be well!

Adriana Vanbianchi, Michael Putnam, Michael Wilbur
SHAC Fitness Education Committee

*Requests for a hard copy of the program, questions, or assistance accessing the program should be directed to MVSD Activities and Athletics Director, Michael Wilbur