Presenting the 2020-21 MVSD School Calendar

The MVSD School Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposed 2020-21 MVSD School Calendar. In advance of the meeting, members of the MVSD Calendar Committee acknowledged the many complexities and interests associated with the development of a school calendar. One long-standing committee member stated, “The goal isn’t perfection. We are diverse community with diverse interests and needs. But we feel pretty good about what we’ve developed given some of the parameters.”

Noteworthy Changes:
The most notable change reflected in the 2020-21 School Calendar is a start day prior to Labor Day Weekend. When ask why the early start date, a committee member replied, “Labor Day falls late in the calendar this year. However, more importantly, the early start day recognizes the feedback we’ve received in the past about the growing number of students who participate in 4-H programs. They work on their projects all year, then they present at the county fair. An early start date allows them to begin the new school year with their teachers and peers and participate in the fair.”

They also added, “In addition, we’ve also built in a Professional Development Day that coincides with the fair. This allows other students to attend the fair and honor the work of their peers, no different than we do with sporting events, and not have to miss school.”

Similarly, after much deliberation, the committee elected to maintain a four-day mid-winter break, supporting those who participate in nordic skiing events and winter activities to do so without missing as much school. “The calendar reflects our best effort to acknowledge that our students and families have many interests and that learning takes place outside of the school walls in many forms,” stated another committee member.

Finally, a scheduled make-up day in the event of a school closure due to snow or otherwise has been scheduled to take place on Friday, May 7th, minimizing the need to extend the school year. If there are no closures in advance of May 7th, this day will serve as a day off of school.

Following the School Board’s decision to adopt the proposed school calendar, Board Chair Marchbank stated, “I’m pleased by the committee’s effort to prioritize teaching and learning and recognize the varied interests of our students and parents. It’s what makes our Valley so special.”


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