MVSD and Winthrop Kiwanis Club Receive 50K Donation in Support of Students and Families in Need

The Methow Valley School District and Winthrop Kiwanis Club were recently notified that they will be receiving a $50,000 donation in support of school-age students and families in need of support.

Working in partnership with the Winthrop Kiwanis Club to support students and families in need, the Winthrop Kiwanis Club established the “Family Empowerment Foundation.” The foundation, funded through the generosity of donors, provides critical resources and supports to school-age students and families in need.

“We know that our students and families in need are often the first to be impacted and the last to recover from a crisis,” states Superintendent Venable.

Led by the MVSD Student and Family Support Services team, School Counselors Erika Spellman and Tracie Powney, and ILC Internship Coordinator, Kelleigh McMillan are using information gathered from students, parents, and staff to develop a comprehensive plan that prioritizes the:

  1. immediate/short term resources and supports needed,
  2. the anticipated long-term resources and supports needed, and
  3. the resources and supports needed during the recovery from such an event.

Partnering with the Cove

Joining forces with the Cove, $9,000 of the donation received will be immediately distributed to the Cove in support of the Friday Food Bag program. Coordinated by Jennifer Elden, she reports that the demand has increased sharply. In a typical week, they distribute 130 bags of food. Based on last week’s numbers, they anticipate providing over 400 bags this week.

While the donation will go a long way in support of our efforts to meet some of the many needs of our students and families, we know more support will be needed.

If you wish to contribute to the Family Empowerment Foundation or the Cove, please contact:

John Owen, Winthrop Kiwanis Club Member:
Glenn Schmekel, Executive Director and Founder of the Cove:

Be safe. Be healthy. Be well.


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.