Isolated, But Not Alone… And Never Forgotten: MVSD Students Initiate Hope Notes in Support of Peers!

An invitation from MVSD students Jackson, Tristan, Braydn, and Landon Schmekel…

Hey Liberty Bell, ILC, and Methow Valley Elementary School Students,

MVSD Students wearing "Because You Matter" t-shirtsI’m sure many of you may be feeling a little disconnected. Missing your friends, sports, clubs, teachers and what we “used” to have. Maybe you didn’t even know you actually liked going to school!

Although at first it was kind of exciting to get a long break from school, like us, you may be realizing what not going back to school this year really involves. We feel especially bad for all the seniors, and kids who may not have any siblings at home, and kids who do have siblings and they’re driving them crazy…speaking for a friend, of course.

Now, more than ever, people are isolated. People are in need of knowing someone is thinking of them and they are cared about. People need to be connected. We need to be “checking in” as opposed to checking out.

We would like to invite you to join us in The Only7Seconds, positive mindset movement, whose mission is to fight isolation. We launched this program locally, during the high school basketball season and would like to continue awareness through all of you.

Only7Seconds has created daily HOPE NOTES with an encouraging quote on the front and a challenge on the back. We will be sending them out in every meal bag distributed throughout the Methow Valley twice a week.

The first Hope Notes are scheduled to arrive this week! And when they do, we encourage you to take action and make it happen. The challenge is an opportunity for you and your family to reach out to someone, connect, and offer hope! Then, email your teachers, your principal, family members, and friends. Tell them and/or send them pictures of what you are doing for your challenges. Find a creative way to display your cards at home. Have your challenge be a part of your weekly school work.

Our community will get through this and we will be all the stronger for it. Thank you for joining us as we spread a message of HOPE!

For more information on Only7Seconds, check out #Only7Seconds on Instagram or on Facebook. We’d also like to provide a “shout-out” to Darla Hussey and The Daily Business for supporting this project!

Hang in there!
Jackson, Tristan, Bradyn and Landon Schmekel


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.