An Invitation to Support Construction of the MVSD Multi-Use Trail

As part of the Methow Valley School District’s continued efforts to support the development of healthy, fit, active youth, the MVSD has teamed up with an “action-oriented” group of students and the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to develop a multi-use trail system on the school campus.

Initiated by MVSD students and Methow Mountain Bike representatives, Stella Scholtz, Carter Sheley, Graham Sheley, and Ila Newman, the concept of developing healthy, fit, active youth by providing all youth with increased access to a year-around, multi-use trail system on the MVSD campus was presented to the MVSD school board and approved earlier this winter.

In the wake of COVID-19 and at the request of the Methow Valley School District, Stella Scholtz, Methow Mountain Bike Team Representative has sent a letter providing a brief update regarding their progress. The letter includes an invitation to those who wish to further support the project.

Dear Superintendent Venable, Members of the MVSD School Board, and Methow Valley Community,

In spite of the recent setback due to COVID-19, we are very excited for the new multi-use trail to start production. It is something to look forward to. We hope it will provide kids without access to trails and bikes to experience mountain biking and other related outdoor activities.

Once started, the construction will probably take six to eight weeks. Understandably, we are a bit behind because of COVID-19. We postponed our fundraising efforts back in March because it didn’t seem sensitive for us to ask people for money when so many people were losing their jobs.

However, with the goal of moving forward in support of the health and wellness of our youth, we want to reach out to those who may be in a position to help. We are expecting the total cost to be about $35,000. We already have $15,000 of which Evergreen Bicycle Alliance has set aside for us. We are expected to raise the remaining $20,000 ourselves.

For those in a position to help and interested in contributing to the development of a multi-use trail, here is the link to the fundraising page for Evergreen Bicycle Alliance:

Thank you,

Stella Scholz- LBHS Student and Methow Mountain Bike Team Representative


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.