MVSD Provides Free and Appropriate Public Education

School SuppliesNo School Supply Fees, Course Fees, Pay-to-Play Fees, and Enrichment Fees… MVSD Strives to Provide Free and Appropriate Public Education.

While this is likely to be a most unusual and unique start to the new school year with each family making sense of how to best support their student’s learning, one thing that hasn’t changed is our school district’s commitment to providing a “free and appropriate” public education.

As part of the MVSD’s focus on “Equity and Excellence for All,” the MVSD is committed to eliminating the economic barriers and hardship faced by many of our students and families. Utilizing the generous support provided by the residents of the Methow Valley in the form of local levy dollars, this includes providing every student enrolled in the MVSD (those attending in-person, remotely, or through the REACH program) with the school supplies and digital tools necessary to be successful.

For those who enjoy the “tradition” of back-to-school shopping, we encourage you to consider starting a new tradition by donating to one or more of our many partners. Below are just a few of the many educational and community-based partners providing support to all students in the Methow Valley:

  • Public School Funding Alliance (PSFA)
  • Methow Arts
  • Little Star School
  • Methow Valley Riding Unlimited
  • Classroom in Bloom
  • TwispWorks
  • Liberty Bell Boosters Club
  • Winthrop Kiwanis Club
  • 4-H
  • Methow Recycles
  • Pipestone School of Music
  • Outward Bound
  • Methow Conservancy
  • Friends of the Winthrop Library
  • Methow Trails
  • Methow Housing Trust
  • Room One
  • The Cove

If at any point you find yourself needing additional assistance in support of your child’s educational programing, please contact your principal and/or school counselor.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District