MVSD Launches Safe “Return to Play” Plan

The MVSD is pleased to announce another important step forward in our work to safely reopen our schools. In recognition of the critical importance of athletics plays in the lives of our youth, coupled with the thoughtful development of plans designed to keep our coaches and student-athletes safe, the MVSD Superintendent and School Board have endorsed proposals from the girls and boys basketball teams, girls volleyball team, and boys baseball team to engage in indoor practices.

LB Basketball PlayerWhen asked about the decision to allow MVSD athletic teams to train indoors and what it will take to do so safely, MVSD Activities Director, Michael Wilbur stated, “As noted previously, ‘Schools don’t reopen schools, Communities reopen schools’. This will be every bit as much true at this stage in the process as it has been in the past. We are able to take this step because of elaborate safety protocols to mitigate risk of transmission of COVID. These protocols involve multiple mitigating safety measures, layered in order to best protect the health and wellness of our coaches, student-athletes, and school community: air purification with MERV-13 filters, fans to move air, health screening, regular hand washing and sanitizing, social distancing to the fullest extent possible, and mask wearing at all times while indoors.”

Wilbur further added, “Of course, any protocols are only as good as the compliance of those who are following them, and our success in keeping our schools and our community safe reflects the commitment of the students who walk our halls.”

School board member Mary Anne Quigley may have said it best, stating, “The decision to take this step forward is truly an act of trust in our students. Fortunately, it is an act of trust that we can feel comfortable with given the remarkable level of responsibility students have shown since returning to our buildings.”

We anticipate that this same level of responsibility, care, and commitment will be on full display as student athletes and coaches return to the games they love, mindful of their place as leaders in the community, and dedicated to protecting the opportunities all MVSD students have to learn and grow through in-person instruction, whether it be in the classroom, in the garden, or on the courts. Boys Basketball player, Dusty Patterson summed it up well stating, “This has been a tough time for athletes but it’s very exciting to be getting back to sports. It’s a big step forward and we’re grateful for the community support that makes this possible.”

In advance of the first scheduled practice next Monday, Michael Wilbur and our coaching staff will be meeting with team captains and players to reiterate the safe “Return to Play” protocols and the accountability that comes with opportunity.

If you have any questions about the MVSD Safe “Return to Play” protocols or other related questions about MVSD Athletics, please contact MVSD Activities Director, Michael Wilbur at:

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