MVSD School Board Unanimously Selects Judith Hardmeyer-Wright to Serve as Board Chair and Dana Stromberger to Serve as Vice Chair

MVSD School Board MembersKicking off the New Year, members of the MVSD School Board of Directors unanimously approved the nomination of Judith Hardmeyer-Wright to serve as the MVSD Board Chair. Shortly following Judith’s acceptance of the position, Dana Stromberger was unanimously selected to serve as MVSD Board of Directors Vice Chair.

Selected to serve as the MVSD Board Chair, Judith Hardmeyer-Wright will be replacing Gary Marchbank. Gary has served as the Board Chair for three consecutive terms. Before handing over the gavel, another board member shared a few words of appreciation and gratitude for Gary’s strong leadership, stating, “I’m so grateful to have had Gary’s calm, level headed leadership these past years. Leading through a global pandemic, civic unrest, an economic shut down, and a strategic reopening of our schools is no small feat. Gary’s quiet wisdom fit the bill perfectly. Always with a twinkle in his eye and subtle humor, helping all of us remain calm, centered, and focused on the overall health and wellness of our students and community.”

Stepping into her new role as the MVSD Board Chair, Judith will work closely with members of the board, superintendent, staff, students, and community to help the district achieve its mission and vision – Working in partnership with our families and community, to develop curious, creative, compassionate, competent, action-oriented, citizens prepared to change the world.

Judith’s selection to serve as the board chair is a clear reflection of the school board’s high level of respect and confidence in her ability to lead the district’s continued efforts to further develop and refine an innovative, equity-driven approach that cultivates high levels of success, one student at a time. Following Judith’s acceptance of the nomination to serve as Board Chair, newly elected Vice Chair, Stromberger stated, “I’m thrilled to have Judith serve as our chair. Her educational background and work-related experiences within a school setting gives her a deep understanding of the complexities school districts face. Pair that with common sense and compassion – I think we’re in good hands.”

Please join us as we congratulate Judith Hardmeyer-Wright, MVSD Board Chair and Dana Stromberger, MVSD Vice Chair!