MVSD 5th Grade Teacher Jennifer Duguay to Take Leave of Absence Next Year

Jennifer Duguay and FamilyIt’s with the full support of the MVSD Board of Directors, that we are announcing Jennifer Duguay’s decision to take a one-year, unpaid leave of absence from teaching, beginning in the fall of the 2021-22 school year.

As with each of us, life comes at us in many ways. For Jennifer Duguay, veteran MVSD elementary teacher, this has included a successful, yet exhausting battle with cancer. Like many faced with similar circumstances, the physical, mental, and emotional toll can be far reaching, especially involving those who are closest to the individual.

When asked about Jennifer’s request to take a leave of absence, Superintendent Venable stated, “Knowing how passionate Jennifer is about teaching, particularly youth in the Methow Valley, we knew this had to be a difficult decision. As a family-first organization, it’s one that we fully support.” When we asked Jennifer what the motivation was behind her decision to ask for a leave of absence, she stated, “My recovery wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include my family, Bill in particular, who has been by my side at every step of the way.”

During Jennifer’s leave, she is looking forward to time spent with family, engaging in some professional development activities, and the possibility of international travel. Following her leave, Jennifer looks forward to “… coming back, rejuvenated in the fall of the 2022-23 school year…”

Until then, Jennifer states, “I plan to finish out the year strong. It’s what I love to do!”