MVSD, DNR, and Fire Adapted Methow Valley Work Together to Promote a Safe and Healthy School Campus

Prescribed burn staff and equipmentThe Methow Valley School District, assisted by the Washington Department of Natural Resources crew, is scheduled to burn 20 pine slash piles on the school district’s campus during Spring Break, between April 5th and 9th, as the final step to reduce the risk of wildfire spread on the forested parts of the campus.

The slash piles are located on two steep slopes that prohibit chipper access and crews being able to safely move the piles. Since pine slash can attract and support the spread of pine bark beetles in the area, it must be removed before summer heat. It has been determined that hand piling and implementing a permitted burn is the safe, effective, and logistically feasible slash disposal method.

As with all prescribed burns, this small burn will comply with strict regulations, and the crew will burn during optimum weather to minimize smoke in the community. However, small amounts of passing smoke are inevitable and may be observed at times between April 5th & 9th. MVSD, DNR, and Fire Adapted Methow Valley recognize the potential impact upon individuals who are sensitive to smoke. With this in mind, we are providing advance notification, allowing people ample time to prepare before the pile burn. Further, we wish to direct individuals to resources designed to prepare and protect them from the adverse impact of smoke.

Helpful “smoke-ready” resources and information can be found online at “EPA Smoke Ready” and on our community’s local “Clean Air Methow” website.

Our best defense against harmful smoke from wildfires and prescribed burns is to be both smoke-ready and wildfire-prepared.

Thank you for your support!