MVSD: Where Education Rubs Elbows with the Real World

Dear Methow Valley Students, Parents, and Community Members,

LBHS Design Construction Program - Garden ShedSomewhat recently, students participating in the LBHS Design & Construction program delivered and assembled a garden shed for @methowhousingtrust Canyon Street homeowners earlier this week. The shed, along with several others, was prefabricated in the Liberty Bell shop then transported to Twisp in pieces for assembly.

When asked about the resurgence of the Design and Construction program, LBHS Principal Crosby Carpenter said, “…as a former builder and Design teacher, what I observe Mr. Southworth creating is a high fidelity program rooted in industry best practices. His experience as a builder and natural teaching ability not only give him street credibility with students, but allow for limitless potential. I’d encourage all students to explore this pathway…”

When asked about student participation in internships and community-based projects, long-time MVSD School Board Member, Gary Marchbank remarked, “Where education rubs elbows with the real world – This is where meaningful learning takes place. This is where students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate employable skills. This is where educators and mentors work together, outside the walls of the traditional classroom in support of our students. This is where we ignite a sense of confidence, competence, hope, and opportunity within every student.”

As we look forward, the MVSD, working closely with a variety of community-based partners and mentors, is excited to share more information about the high demand pathways that are being created within our schools, along with the related coursework, internships, and community-based projects designed to prepare all students for the widest range of post-secondary options possible.

Thank you Methow Valley, Methow Housing Trust, and our many community-based partners and mentors for helping to redefine how we define and measure success – One student at a time.


Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District