After-School Horse Club…Only in the Methow!

MVE students at after school horse club“Hey, What’s with the horse corral on the school campus?” This was the question we received from a curious community member yesterday. Our response, “Well, it’s for horses… We’ve partnered with Annie B. and Methow Valley Riding Unlimited to offer an after-school horse club.” Their response, “Horse Club? Are you kidding me? How cool… Only in the Methow.”

Not only do we agree that Horse Club is pretty cool, but we think it’s pretty cool to see how our community has come together in support of its youth, particularly during the pandemic, offering all students with the ability to participate in a variety of enriching, after-school clubs and activities, providing connection with their peers, and with caring, competent mentoring adults.

Fly fishing, breakdancing, skate cubs, socratic debate, green team, theatre, ski cubs, garden art, soccer, mountain biking, strength and conditioning, disc golf, horse club… The long list of high interest after-school clubs and enriching activities facilitated by our many community partners continues to grow.

Under the direction of MVE Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Katharine Bill and MVSD Activities Director, Michael Wilbur, the MVSD has established strong partnerships with a long and growing list of community-based nonprofits to provide high interest after-school clubs and activities.

Exciting things to come…

Looking forward toward the 21-22 school year, the MVSD not only intends to expand upon the many after-school clubs and activities currently being offered, but to coordinate the development of a series of “weekly” Summer Enrichment Camps.

Facilitated by our many community partners, the camps would take place on the MVSD campus, providing school-age youth with the opportunity to participate in enriching camp activities and help fill the childcare gap during the summer. The camps would include transportation, meals, and low-cost to no-cost registration fees. More detailed information will be forthcoming as our plans develop…

Please join us as we thank Annie B., Methow Valley Riding Unlimited, and our many partners for making the Methow Valley such a great place to raise children!


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.