Welcome Back Liberty Bell Students!

Dear Liberty Bell Families,

After the FireWhen students walked out of the building in June, I was hopeful, and downright giddy, that we’d crossed into a post-pandemic world, free of the related inconveniences, restrictions, and precautions. While it’s becoming increasingly clear that’s not yet the case, I remain relentlessly optimistic about our ability, as a school and community, to adapt, innovate, and thrive in this next chapter.

In an era of heightened social divisiveness, I remind myself that the Methow Valley – our home – has long been a place where neighbors with different backgrounds, social and political beliefs, and values live, work, and play together. Through the lens of empathy, optimism, courage, and kindness, I’m confident we will work as one community to ensure our youth continue to have every opportunity available to them.

As we welcome all students back to Liberty Bell full-time for the 2021-2022 school year, I’m thrilled to announce some exciting additions to the LBHS student experience!

  • Enhanced 7th-8th grade exploratory electives, including Robotics, Culinary, Design & Construction, Ukelele, Art, Concert Band, and Anatomy & Physiology
  • New high school courses such as Pep Band, Entrepreneurship, Games & Logics, Ukulele, enhanced Algebra II & Pre Calc, Auto Tech, Bridges to College ELA, and 11/12 CLIMBS
  • A student-led commons remodel focused on creating a cultural hub that will include a
    cafe and commissary. This project will take place throughout the year and be led by our
    Entrepreneurship students.
  • The continued development of a middle school model with the inclusion of 6th grade.
  • Traditional PE and Health classes have been replaced with Outdoor Recreation and
    Wellness options, as well as two sections of Speed & Strength.
  • Expanded dual credit opportunities (aka free college credit), including English 101, Global
    Warming, and Biology.
  • Enhanced club opportunities for students; many of which do not conflict with athletics.

As principal of Liberty Bell, I remain committed to continually assessing how we approach education and how we define success while ensuring that all students are challenged at the edge of their comfort zone and experience a sense of belonging at school.

Please see below for additional resources. Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Go Mountain Lions!

Crosby Carpenter
Principal, Liberty Bell High School


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