Working in Partnership with Clean Air Methow, MVSD Set to Distribute 144 Air Purifiers

Dear Methow Valley Parents,

Color-coded Air Quality ScaleAs you may be aware, Clean Air Methow and the Methow Valley Citizens Council distributed a large number of high quality air purifiers to individuals and families that reside within the Methow Valley yesterday. In spite of having 2000 units, it’s been reported that they ran out within hours of opening their doors.

We’ve received 72 purifiers, scheduled to be placed throughout our schools, providing students and staff with clean air in learning and work spaces. As we prepare for a full reopening of our schools in the face of COVID, fires and poor air quality, we are beyond grateful…

Better yet, we were notified that we’ll be receiving an additional 144 air purifiers and replacement filters to be distributed to families of MVSD students in need.

Based upon yesterday’s event, we anticipate the demand is likely to far exceed the limited supply. Thus, we’ve been working with our administrative team and school counselors to develop and communicate an equitable approach for distributing 144 air purifiers and replacement filters to families most in need.

Consistent with the intent described by Clean Air Methow, we have decided to proceed with the distribution of the 144 air purifiers (and replacement filters) to families of MVSD student(s), beginning with families who:

Qualify for free or reduced meal services and do not have an air purifier in their home.

If you believe this describes your family and you wish to be considered to receive an air purifier and replacement filter, please contact either:

LBHS Secretary, Debbie Bair:
MVE Secretary, Stacey Cooley:
ILC Coordinator, Kelleigh McMillan:

They will be developing a confidential list that they will share with MVSD School Counselors, Erika Spellman and Tracie Powney. Once the list is finalized, they will contact individual families and arrange a date and time for pick up at their student’s school.

Again, we are eternally grateful for the efforts of Clean Air Methow, the Methow Valley Citizens Council, Instapot to bring clean air to the Methow Valley in support of our youth. And, we apologize in advance, knowing the demand will exceed our supply.

Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.