Pardon our Progress…

MVSD Partners with Local Contractors to Prepare Site for New Modular Facilities

LBHS Middle School Facilities Construction

If you’ve been on our campus recently, you may have noticed the staging of some heavy machinery near the outdoor volleyball courts. The MVSD is working with a team of “local” contractors to prepare the site in advance of the arrival of our new modular facilities. We’ve been informed that the first modular facility may be ready to transport and install as early as late October.

As part of the district’s efforts to develop a middle school model, honoring the unique needs of middle school-age students, and in an effort to accommodate the space necessary to maintain low class sizes, the district is expanding its facilities. This includes the installation of two modular facilities over time. Each modular facility contains two classrooms.

The new classrooms will serve as the future home to LBHS 6th grade students. We will be working with our 6th grade team to determine an official move-in date once the project is completed.

We look forward to sharing more information as the project unfolds!