Parents of Aspiring Musicians, Put Away Your Wallets and Checkbooks

Dear Methow Valley Parents of Aspiring Musicians,

Put away your wallets and checkbooks. The MVSD has purchased a full ensemble of musical instruments, eliminating the need for parents whose students participate in band, jazz band, and music electives to rent musical instruments.

When asked about the decision, Superintendent Venable stated, “This was an easy decision for our school board and administrative team… not only in support of families who, historically speaking, have paid upwards of $50 per month in rental fees, but in support of students who would not otherwise be able to participate altogether given the economic hardship placed upon families.”

David Mills, New LBHS Music TeacherCharged with contributing to the district’s effort to eliminate all school-related fees, LBHS Principal Crosby Carpenter and LBHS Music Instructor, David Mills recently informed Superintendent Venable and the MVSD Board of Directors that parents whose children have participated in band and/or jazz band in the past have typically spent between $300-600 annually in musical instrument rental fees, with the total combined cost to participating LBHS/ILC families exceeding as much as $20,000 annually.

Board Member, Gary Marchbank praised Crosby and David’s efforts, as well as the district’s decision to invest in the purchase of instruments, stating, “A student’s outcomes should not be dictated by their family’s income.”

Let the music play!

Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District