WHAM! Wednesday Help And Mentoring

WHAM! Wednesday Help and Mentoring Program at Liberty Bell Jr-Sr High SchoolWHAM (Wednesday Help And Mentoring) is a new level of support available to Liberty Bell students that have been identified by their teachers as needing additional academic support in specific classes.

In an effort to improve instruction and provide support for the individualized learning of every student, LBHS will be offering enhanced academic support (WHAM) for students on Early Release Wednesdays from 12:45 to 2:15 pm. Snacks will be provided!

This is in addition to our traditional homework club/tutoring opportunities available in the library. Students identified by their subject area teachers as in need of additional support will be notified on Monday during Advisory. Teachers will also connect with parents/guardians to share additional information.

We ask that families regularly check in with their students regarding academic progress and make a plan to attend WHAM sessions if assigned. For students not assigned, we strongly encourage you to participate in other Early Release Wednesday after-school activities such as Mountain Lion Clubs, tutoring, and Homework Club. If you feel like your student needs more academic support outside of the classroom, please reach out to Erika Spellman or Tutoring Coordinator Liam Daily to get your student paired with a tutor.

WHAM session locations will be updated weekly. This week’s locations are:

  • JH Students: Mrs. Darwood, Room 126
  • HS ELA: Mr. Kaufman, Room 105
  • HS Math/Science: Mr. Storey, Room 127
  • Electives, Art, World Language: Mr. Brooks, Room 117