True Community Builders: Methow Valley Riding Unlimited

Yesterday, Methow Valley Riding Unlimited opened their gates to Let’m Ride participants, returning after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic!

Methow Valley Riding Unlimited participant hugging a white horse.In a letter sent to parents of participating students, Methow Valley Riding Unlimited staff captured the energy and enthusiasm associated with the reopening and their new location stating, “It’s so wonderful to see the program back in action – and even more exciting to be in our new location directly across from the elementary school at Crown S Ranch (thank you to the Sukovaty family).”

During their first session, students explored the theme titled, “building community” through three different activities. They included:

Greeting and Riding Horses – Many Let’m Ride participants were reported to be a little nervous at first, but their intuitive, gentle horses and instructor Annie B helped students learn to relax and replace feelings of anxiety and fear with confidence. Further, returning students were able to mentor the first-timers – a great way to “build community.” One participant shared that her grandfather is in the hospital, and that she felt like she was hugging him when she hugged MVRU’s big white elder mare, Buttons.

Caring for Horses – Students are learning the important skill of observation, in this case, the body language displayed by MVRU’s horses. Reading cues from those around us can help us build community.

Defining Community – Denise T. organized 5 different activities which included picking our favorite quotes about community, community bingo, and building a shared definition of community. One participant shared that she felt included and a sense of belonging.

Please join us as we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and commitment displayed by MVRU’s Let ‘Em Ride staff and volunteers (Annie, Jasmine, Christa, Denise T., Denise C., Bo, Rick, Tracie, and Tulie) to cultivate caring, empathetic, principled individuals who act selflessly, with integrity, humility, and compassion in support of others – true community builders leading by example!