Dear Methow Valley Students, Parents, and Community Members,

In advance of Thanksgiving Break, a period of time often associated with displays of gratitude and kind words of appreciation for others, we recently asked students in Mrs. Dufresne’s 2nd grade class, as well as students in Mr. Stratman’s 4th grade class who or what they are grateful for and why…

So impressed by their kind and thoughtful words, we thought we’d share a couple of “letters of gratitude” each day leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Coming from the heart, they serve as a clear reflection of how deeply we care about and for one another. When we mentioned that we may be publishing some of their letters, one 4th grade student stated, “I hope they enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.”

On behalf of our entire school board, administrative team, and staff, we wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.


Tom Venable
Superintendent, MVSD

Sincerely - Anna Avery Drawing

~ Anna Avery, MVE 2nd Grade Student

I am grateful for Mrs. Wells because she is sweet. In reading groups, she is nice because when I get a word wrong she helps me.

Sincerely - Declan Acosta Smith and Librarian Mrs. Barber

~ Declan Acosta-Smith, MVE 4th Grade Student

I am grateful for Mrs. Barber because otherwise I wouldn’t get to have the opportunity to read as many books or get the experience to read books I’ve never read. Every time I go, she reads a good book aloud, and sometimes, she even has fun activities. She is a great librarian and that is why I’m grateful for Mrs. Barber.