Liberty Bell Kicks off “Mountain Lions of the Month”!

We have kicked off a new tradition at Liberty Bell. Each month teachers will nominate junior high and high school students for Mountain Lions of the Month.

Students will be nominated based on our 10 MVSD Learner Outcomes. Winners will be announced at the beginning of each month and will receive a gift card for a drink of their choice at either Katie’s Pony Espresso or Blue Star Coffee Roasters.

Congratulations to this inaugural group of balanced, caring, communicative, courageous, inquiring, knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, reflective, and thoughtful individuals! Stay tuned for our December MLM which will be announced on Friday, December 17th.

A BIG thank you to Katie’s Pony Espresso and Blue Star Coffee Roasters for supporting our students!

Mountain Lions of the Month


• Lily Colin often works evenings and weekends at East 20, and then is ready and prepared for school everyday with a smile on her face and her work completed.

• Ryland Marcus is an even-keeled and hard working student who balanced his commitment to playing football with a strong academic performance in the classroom.


• Joslyn Rispone listens well and has a caring presence.

• Soren Stevie treats people with dignity and exemplifies a caring persona among his peers.


• Elizabeth Clark uses her voice to lead, to ask questions and to participate in her own learning.

• Samra Newton’s most recent lab report did a great job of not only explaining the procedure of the lab, but also of describing the mathematical methods her group used.


• Holden Riggs joined pep band thinking that he was going to be playing his instrument, the trumpet. He kept an open mind and gave it his best effort when asked to play drums instead due to COVID.

• Tayah Salas courageously signed up to be the first student in Sports Journalism to cover a real Liberty Bell sporting event and let her article be published on the LBHS Athletics website.


• Sandra Hernandez-Garcia always asks questions about activities in class – whether it is about the instructions or about her potential response. She wants to know.

• Anah Klemmeck really put a lot of thought into the science lab this week, and worked enthusiastically to answer a testable question.


• Mali DeSalvo has an impressive amount of knowledge about programming and is the only student I’ve ever had who can write code on a TI-84 calculator!

• Ely Talbert did an extraordinary job researching and presenting on the star soccer player Megan Rapinoe. The depth of his research and quality of presentation were exemplary.

Open Minded…

• Peyton Lidey always seeks to include everyone, and genuinely wants every student’s opinion and values to be included.

• Maeve Belsby asks thoughtful questions, is welcoming and inclusive of all students, and demonstrates excellent empathy.


• Lucien Paz holds himself and his peers to a high standard and consistently leads by example.

• Lucy Riggs approaches all people with honesty, openness, and curiosity; is non-judgmental; and is a consistently positive presence.


• Shae Taylor reflected on her learning throughout the pandemic and made meaningful connections to her responsibility and advocacy as a learner in her personal statement essay for college applications.

• Jamisen Tillman did a great job preparing a plan for his classes for his parent-teacher conference.


• Brodi Barber absorbs new math concepts carefully and contemplates them deeply. He asks interesting questions that demonstrate his perceptiveness and curiosity.

• Alida Burt thinks deeply about the content in class, her role as a student and her connections to the content. She is a careful listener and provides thoughtful insight and perspectives.


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.