“Mountain Lions of the Month” for December

LB Mountain Lions of the Month


• HAZEL CULPSMITH is very active in Drama and Poetry Out Loud and she juggles that with an active life outside of school, where she is involved in many extracurricular activities. She balances her intellectual life, athletic life, and artistic life with grace.

• MARIT NELSON juggled a busy soccer season and school work really well. She keeps her achievment level in the classroom high even while she was playing sports. She is also the Vice President of the ASB, which means she gives up an advisory period every week.


• SAGE SHEELEY cared about how our new classroom looked, so she took the time to help organize and design the new English classroom. She offered her own time to help move my materials from one room to another. She also cares about her fellow students and her work by asking questions and being responsible.

• BRAIZLYN BARNHART has taken it upon herself to find, print and post encouraging words for her peers to read in the JH hallway. She is a thoughtful, compassionate student and wants everyone to know they are loved.


• JONAS OOSTERHOF recently won the speech competition in CLIMBS class, thanks to his engaging presence, clear voice and high-quality writing.

• WYATT FLOCK always tries to collaborate with peers in a positive and open-minded way during math discussions.


• KYLEE HOLBROOK joined pep band thinking that she was going to be playing her instrument, the violin. She kept an open mind and gave it her best effort from the start when asked to play drums instead due to COVID.

• LILLY ARNDT writes poetry for others to enjoy and is pursuing a partnership with the Methow Valley News, hoping to begin a student-written column in our local newspaper. She is calm and quiet and is being courageous in using her voice in a variety of ways.


• GREYDEN PAZ is always looking for answers to his design questions, whether is is from the teacher, the resources given or taking the initiative to find the solutions on his own, when working on his residential home design.

• LUCIAN BAJEMA came in for some extra help and to ask questions at a morning AP Chem review session. He asked some incredible questions that even got me wondering and prompted me to do more research. I was amazed by his thought process and level of inquiry.


• PER DILLINGHAM is a walking encyclopedia of all things Individuals & Societies. His range of knowledge is astounding!

• HELIOS BRIGHTHEART is super knowledgeable in Spanish and always ready to learn more.

Open Minded…

• KIERRA REICHERT has the ability to relate authentically to a broad spectrum of her peers and also to adults within the school community.

• EVAN DORAN was the most open-minded student in the class when it came to using new evidence to change his answer to our guiding question. During science students were answering how the mass of products and reactants compare in chemical reactions.


• DAMON ALUMBAUGH is just a good kid overall. He is kind and caring. I really enjoy having him in class.

• QUINN (HANS) SMITH orks hard in Chinese class to make sure he understands all concepts and completes all his work.


• MELODY LANGAN does a great job asking for feedback in Drama class and always working to improve upon her performances.

• GRETA SCHUMACHER listens intently and asks thoughtful questions.


• WYATT OOSTERHOF’s critical thinking skills are exceptional and consistently on display in every conversation I have with him.

• KAYDENCE CAMREN is always engaged in class and is constantly striving to further her knowledge.


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.