MVSD School Board Unanimously Selects Dana Stromberger to Serve as Board Chair, Frank Kline to Serve as Vice Chair

Dana Stromberger, MVSD Board Chair-thThe MVSD is excited to announce that members of the MVSD School Board of Directors have unanimously approved the nomination of Dana Stromberger to serve as the MVSD Board Chair. Shortly following Dana’s acceptance of the position, Frank Kline was unanimously selected to serve as MVSD Board of Directors Vice Chair.

Selected to serve as the MVSD Board Chair, Dana Stromberger is replacing Judith Hardmeyer-Wright. Before handing over the gavel, board members shared kind words of appreciation and gratitude for Judith’s energetic and empathetic leadership style, particularly during a period of time characterized by significant challenge – a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, economic hardship, the reopening of schools – just to name a few.

Stepping into her new role as the MVSD Board Chair, Dana will work closely with members of the board, superintendent, staff, students, and community to help the district achieve its vision – developing curious, creative, caring, competent, action-oriented citizens prepared to pursue the widest range of post-secondary pathways possible.

Dana’s selection to serve as the board chair is a clear reflection of the school board’s high level of respect and confidence in her ability to lead the district’s continued efforts to further develop and refine an innovative, flexible, equity-driven approach that cultivates high levels of success, “one student at a time.”

Following Dana’s acceptance of the nomination to serve as Board Chair, board member Mary Anne Quigley stated, “I couldn’t be more pleased by Dana’s selection as our board chair. Her deep connection to this place, the people, and commitment to service in support of the student, parents, staff, and community will continue to serve us well.”

Please join us as we congratulate Dana Stromberger, MVSD Board Chair and Frank Kline, MVSD Vice Chair.


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.