Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Methow Valley Students, Parents, and Community Members,

With no new COVID-19 cases detected through our COVID-19 Screening Clinic during the past two weeks, we are grateful for the improving health and wellness of our community, and the opportunity to gracefully transition from a pandemic to an endemic.

In support of this transition, effective March 12th, the WA DOH has released new guidance for schools. Here are some of the highlights:

Illustration of white COVID surgical face mask on a green background.

  • Masks are no longer required for students and staff, except when in the health room with a symptomatic student.
  • We will continue to send out notification letters if we learn of a positive case that was contagious to others while at a school sponsored activity.
  • ‘Test to Stay’ will be offered to anyone who is considered a close contact and is not vaccinated or was exposed in a high risk environment (such as an indoor sports practice or singing event).
  • Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for a full 5 days at home. If symptoms are dramatically improved and there is no fever for 24 hours, they may return to school on Day 6 with a negative test result, or by continuing to wear a well-fitting mask from days 6-10. If these criteria can not be met, they will isolate at home until a negative test or day 10 of isolation is completed.
  • All students and staff will have the choice to wear a mask at school with the expectation that others’ choices will be respected.

What does the WA DOH suggest we do to help keep transmission rates low?

  • Anyone with any symptoms of illness should stay home and be advised to test for COVID-19.
  • Encourage frequent hand washing and hand gel use at school, home, and in public places.
  • Clean/disinfect high touch surfaces daily.
  • Increase time spent outdoors.
  • Improve airflow and filtration of indoor spaces.
  • If eligible, get vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.

Free, rapid COVID-19 Testing remains available on school mornings for students and staff on:

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday at Northwest Corner of Liberty Bell
  • Tuesday and Thursday near the District Office

If you have any questions, concerns, or need further assistance, please contact MVSD COVID-19 Liaison, Annelisa Tornberg or MVSD School Nurse, Adriana Vanbianchi.

MVSD COVID Safety Team