“Mountain Lions of the Month” for April

Each month Liberty Bell teachers nominate JH and HS students for Mountain Lions of the Month. Students are nominated based on our 10 MVSD Learner Outcomes.

Winners receive a collective learner profile sticker and a gift card for a drink of their choice at either Katie’s Pony Espresso or Blue Star Coffee Roasters. Congratulations to this month’s amazing group of students!

And your April Mountain Lions of the Month are…

LB Mountain Lions of the Month


• AYEANNA RUPRECHT (HS) does a great job of balancing creativity, skill and intellectual depth while remaining caring, helpful and modest.

• REMINGTON PAZ (MS) A student said: “He is good in every class, and he has patience.”


• HOLDEN RIGGS (HS) A student said: “I don’t know Holden very well but I know that his sister is battling cancer. When she had to lose her hair going through treatment, he shaved his head to better understand what she’s going through and to make her feel less alone. That act alone should be reason enough for an award, but he’s caring towards others at school too. He doesn’t hesitate to help whoever needs it. Caring is such an understatement. I couldn’t think of any person who deserves the title of ‘caring’ more than Holden Riggs.”

• MACIE PURCELL (MS) A student said: “Macie always checks on me, and she is always willing to help me with my problems.”


• LILY COLIN (HS) put a lot of work and time into making sure prom went smoothly. This required her to be a point person and communicate well between many groups/people.

• ADELINA HUMLING (MS) A student said this about Ada: “She doesn’t just talk about herself.”


• HUNTER WOLAK (HS) has shown courage this year. He has persevered in English class – turning in homework and “in-class” activities on time much more this semester than last and doing quality work.

• COOPER BUZZARD (MS) A student said: “Cooper is stubborn at times, but if you ask him to do something he might hesitate at times but will do the thing you asked him to do.”


• CONOR ARNDT (HS) has been asking lots of questions in auto class. He is engaged and curious when talking about issues with his truck too.

• MAXWELL BENNET (MS) A student said: “Because he is smart!”


• KYLEE HOLBROOK (HS) When this teacher filled in for the music class, the students who were there knew exactly what to do – they ran the class, learning and practicing all of the music they needed to together as a team. Kylee was one of these students.

• AIDAN SANDS (MS) He has amazing knowledge of Spanish language packaged with motivation and participation.

Open Minded…

• SAVANNA BIRD (HS) A student said: “She’s always out going and willing to try new things.”

• BENJI NORTHEY (MS) A student said this about Benji: “He is always willing to hear what you have to say.”


• CAITLYN COOLEY (HS) A student said: “Caity noticed that someone was getting bullied and put down, she voiced that bullying isn’t appropriate.”

• ZACHARIAH DUBOWY (MS) A student said: “This student has shown integrity and honesty in my eyes.”


• JASMINE DEVLIEG (HS) In both Graphic Design and Ceramics, Jasmine has done consistently excellent reflections and or periodic evaluations of her work at various stages along the way. She is articulating both successes and struggles – aware of the fact that putting those thoughts into words is in-and-of-itself a form of learning from the project and the process.

• RAY BARR (MS) A student said: “I like to spend time with them. It turns out they have a good view on life, and I feel like they are very reflective on not only school, but her life and the life of others. She is very kind and I am always glad to share thoughts because they are very nice to talk to, and I believe they deserve the title of reflective.”


• RIO LOTT (HS) Rio worked through a recent science lab with an incredible amount of detail, and pulled in knowledge from previous science labs.

• WYATT SCHUMACHER (MS) In PE he was playing a game called Among US. The game has a lot of crewmates and just a few “imposters.” It is very challenging for the imposters to win the game. Wyatt puzzled out many many scenarios that would have to work out for imposters to win. He was able to apply his scenarios when he was chosen as imposter.


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