“Mountain Lions of the Month” for May

Each month Liberty Bell teachers nominate JH and HS students for Mountain Lions of the Month. Students are nominated based on our 10 MVSD Learner Outcomes.

Winners receive a collective learner profile sticker and a gift card for a drink of their choice at either Katie’s Pony Espresso or Blue Star Coffee Roasters. Congratulations to this month’s amazing group of students!

And your May Mountain Lions of the Month are…

LB Mountain Lions of the Month


• SHAE TAYLOR (HS) has done a fabulous job of finding balance in her life as she finishes up her senior year and proactively plans for her future.

• AUDREY ROMAN (MS) balances academics and athletics, participating in sports while maintaining straight A’s.


• ADEE SMITH (HS) A student said this about Adee: “She is always checking in on those around her, and never complains about her own stress. The most caring person I know!”

• NAVAEH YOAKUM (MS) A student said this about Nevaeh: “She will always check in on you even if you don’t look down.”


• PIPPA SMITH (HS) A student said this about Pippa: “Effectively communicates to those around her to organize events.”

• ORLO PARKINSON (MS) A student said this about Orlo: “On the bus and in class, he always listens to others before speaking, gives good suggestions, settles arguments, etc.


• CARTER SHELEY (HS) A student said this about Carter: “When Carter Sheley got up in front of the entire school and delivered one of the best speeches I have ever heard when he ran for ASB Executive Vice President, he really stood out to me as a beacon of courage. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to muster up the courage to do something like that, and because of that, I have a lot of respect for the courage he showed on that day.”

• KARMA CURTIS (MS) A student said this about Karma: “She wasn’t afraid of speaking up when she saw something that was wrong.”


• ROBIE SUTER (HS) is always asking thoughtful questions during our conversations. He’s quick to want more information in order to develop his opinion on a specific topic

• LEVIN LOTT (MS) A student said this about Levin: “He asks thoughtful questions.”


• ANGEL ARELLANO (HS) A student said this about Angel: “He shows his knowledge in class by showing his deep understanding of the material. This includes the time where he made a math pun in Gitchos’ class about the tangent trig function. He also was a frequent team captain in Knowledge Bowl where he applied his knowledge of many subjects inside and outside of school. ”

• WYATT SCHUMACHER (MS) A student said this about Wyatt: “He is knowledgeable.”

Open Minded…

• EZ KIRK (HS) engaged passionately in a heated debate in math class, regarding the number point nine repeating. I think he know understands both sides of the argument quite deeply. He also has grown much more open-minded about learning math that isn’t “useful.”

• TREY TIBERINO (MS) A student said this about Trey: “He is always thinking of ideas and he asks a lot of questions.”


• SAMUEL PATTERSON (HS) Since Winter Break, Sam has shown a much-improved and consistent commitment to completing quality work in Health class. He asks questions when he doesn’t understand, and often stays a few minutes after class to complete assignments. His written work is thoughtful and detailed.

• COURT DARWOOD (MS) A student said this about Court: “Court sticks to his principles by working hard.”


• KATELYNN BUDROW (HS) did a great job reflecting on the feedback she received for her Personal Project. She was specific and thorough in her reflection.

• NELLA BELCHER (MS) always reflects on her learning and articulates to teachers exactly how things are going, what information she needs, and what she hopes to learn.


• GRAHAM SHELEY (HS) A student said this about him: “Graham is a smart fella.”

• SOREN STEVIE (MS) A student said this about Soren: “He has shown being a thinker by thinking.”


Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th - All MVSD schools and the district office will be closed to the public.