24-Hours on the Track Fundraiser

From 7am Saturday until 7am Sunday, Coach Erik Brooks will run/walk for 24-Hours in order to raise $ for both XC and the Booster Club (for the benefit of ALL HS sports.)

  1. Stop by any time to run/walk some laps, or to clap, cheer, inquire, heckle, and whatever it takes to keep this thing rolling!
  2. Pledge per lap or per mile for how far you think Erik will go… or how far he actually gets! IE 50mi = 80,467m = 201 laps. In this case $50 or .25 cents per lap is equivalent. You can easily take the guess work out of it and simply pledge a flat fee.** Please designate funds for either the general Booster Club or for XC.

Erik has attempted the 24-hour two other times. Once at 22yo (61mi.) and once at 42 (70.5mi). He is now 50… It’s been a good summer of running and hiking… but he is NOT 42 or 22. Still, he hopes to make it somewhere between 50 and 80 miles — if that helps with the pledging.

24 Hours on the Track Fundraiser