LBHS Construction and Design Gallery Walk a Huge Success

On Tuesday, January 24th, the LBHS Construction & Design Gallery Walk took place, providing middle school students with the opportunity to showcase their learning. Applying the skills and knowledge taught by C&D Instructor, Wyatt Southworth, students presented their final product to industry professionals and community members.

LBHS onstruction class student presenting his project.Following the gallery walk, one observer captured the essence of the gallery walk well by stating, “This is what relevance in school looks like. Providing student students with the opportunity to apply their learning in response to a locally relevant area of unmet need. In this case, housing. I couldn’t be more pleased by what I see happening in our schools, or hopeful, based upon what I see in our students.”

Please join us as we thank C&D Instructor, Wyatt Southworth, our LBHS students, the Winthrop Kiwanis Club, and our many community partners for their continued support of our ever-expanding Construction and Design Pathway, related courses, community-based internships, and future apprenticeships.