Cub Clubs & After School Childcare

Methow Valley Elementary Cub Club

Cub Clubs are seasonal enrichment clubs based at MV Elementary for Grades 1-6. Most are run in partnership with our generous and talented community groups and volunteers including: Methow Arts, The Merc Theater, Classroom in Bloom, Methow Nordic, The Winthrop Ice and Sports Rink, MV Flyfishers, Methow Recycles and MV Riding Unlimited. We are still hoping to add a Chess Club and Lego/Robotics Club.

Please let us know if you’re interested in helping with any of these clubs or you have another club idea you’d like to explore. Contact Katharine Bill, (509) 341-4210.

Register for Spring Clubs

View/download Spring 2019 Cub Club Registration Form

• All clubs run from 3:20 – 5:00 p.m.
• Please let us know if your child will be absent – we take attendance each afternoon.
• Bus service is available to Winthrop (Red Barn) and Twisp (Community Center) at 5 p.m.
• The bus usually arrives at approximately 5:10 p.m. in Winthrop and 5:25 p.m. in Twisp.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Uke Club • Grades 5-6
April 15th – May 20th
Ceramics Club • Grades 3-4
April 17th – May 22nd
Ceramics Club • Grades 3-4
April 18th – May 23rd
Running Club • Grades 1-6
April 15th – May 20th
Yoga Club • Grades 6-8 Girls
May 15th – June 5th
Volleyball Club • Grades 3-6
April 18th – May 23rd
Fly Fishing Club • Grades 3-6
April 18th – May 23rd
Strategy Games • Grades 5-6
April 11th – May 23rd

NEW! Spring Yoga Club

• Grades 6-8 Girls
• Wednesdays, May 15th – June 5th, 2019
• Led by Lisa Whatley of Surrender Yoga

Meet on covered patio and/or grass at the east end of the building facing the garden (outside, rain or shine – bring a sweatshirt, etc.) Mats provided.


• Grades 3-4
• Led by Elaine Marquez, Annie Venable and Emily Post on Wednesdays, April 17th – May 22nd, 2019
• Led by Katharine Bill and Bruce Morrison on Thursdays, April April 18th – May 23rd, 2019

Students will learn handbuilding skills to create cups, masks and bowls.

Fly Fishing

• Grades 3-6
• Wednesdays, April 18th – May 23rd, 2019
• Led by Jonathan Stratman

This club will introduce students to insect and aquatic ecology, fly-tying, casting and fishing skills, with two ‘on-the-water’ field trip experiences. Limited to 14 students.


• Grades 1-6
• Mondays, April 15th – May 20th, 2019
• Led by Sarah Schrock

Students will run from school and practice pacing, endurance and form.

Strategy Games

• Grades 5-6
• Thursdays, April 11th – May 23rd, 2019
• Led by Mason Johnson, Catie Barber and Ramzey Berbawy

Wanna stomp some goblins? Slaughter some lizardmen? Discover the secrets of the universe? Have a conversation with buddha? Raise the undead and launch them from catapults? Sit on a throne of bones and rule over the undead kingdom that you created with your zombie-pults?

This club is a collaborative exercise in creativity in which 5th and 6th graders will learn the rules and play the original roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons. Players design characters with skills, abilities and backstories, similar to a video game. The narrator then provides the players with a situation that they must react to in character to effect a change in the narrative.


• Grades 5-6
• Mondays, April 15th – May 20th, 2019
• Led by Matt Armbrust

This club focused on basic Ukulele skills and students will learn several folk songs.


• Grades 3-6
• Thursdays, April 18th – May 23rd, 2019
• Led by Beth Blank and Christine Scott

Students will learn basic volleyball skills.

After School Childcare Program

MVE After School Childcare ProgramThis high-quality, daily program serves children in grades K – 6, and includes a healthy snack, art projects, games and activities.

There is a great deal of research showing the value of after-school programs for increasing student morale and engagement in school, and we can see the sparkling enthusiasm in the eyes of so many students who look forward to their various after-school activities.

For more information, please visit our After School Childcare Program page.


Have a wonderful summer break!