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We have many great extra-curricular options for students at MVE this school year! Cub Club and other enrichment activities for students change seasonally, so check back often for the most updated information. These after-school clubs are offered free of charge, thanks to our wonderful supporters at Methow Arts and Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance!

Most are run in partnership with our generous and talented community groups and volunteers including: Methow Arts, The Merc Theater, Classroom in Bloom, Methow Nordic, The Winthrop Ice and Sports Rink, MV Flyfishers, Methow Recycles and MV Riding Unlimited. Many thanks to our community partners who help support learning outside the classroom! Please let us know if you’re interested in helping or have another club idea you’d like to explore.

Program Details

  • All Clubs, except those meeting on Wednesday, run from 3:10 – 5:00 p.m. Bus service is available to Winthrop (Red Barn) and Twisp (Community Center) at 5 p.m. The bus usually arrives at approximately 5:10 p.m. in Winthrop and 5:25 p.m. in Twisp.
  • Wednesday Clubs run from 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. Bus service is available to Winthrop (Red Barn) and Twisp (Community Center) at 3 p.m. The bus usually arrives at approximately 3:10 p.m. in Winthrop and 3:25 p.m. in Twisp.
  • For families needing child care until 5 p.m., please consider Methow Valley Elementary’s After School Childcare Program. This program is offered free of charge for students in grades K-5, Monday through Friday. If you need care from 12:30 – 3 p.m. on Wednesdays, you will need to sign up for a Cub Club. This program is offered free of charge for students in Grades K – 5, and bus transportation to the Winthrop Barn and Twisp Community Center will be available. To attend, students must be registered in advance. To do so contact Kiera Moore, (509) 996-2186
  • Please let us know if your child will be absent – we take attendance each afternoon.
  • Questions? Please contact Laurel Carlton, Family & Community Engagement Program Coordinator.

Register Now for SPRING 2022 Cub Clubs!

Session runs Monday, April 11th – Thursday, May 26th, 2022.
NOTE: No Clubs during Conference Week (April 26th – 29th)



View/download 2022 Cub Club Spring Registration Form - English

View/download 2022 Cub Club Spring Registration Form - Spanish

Cub Clubs


Tea Time Book Club w/Andrea • Grades 1-2 • Led by Andrea Bebout
Join Andrea for a weekly book session, including treats and tea! Students are encouraged to bring their favorite book to share. Limit 12 students.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Self Defense Club • Grades 2-5 • Led by Ted Lafferty
Confidence, capability, character. Jiu jitsu is a grappling based martial arts system that has emerged as a dominant martial art in terms of real world effectiveness. This fun class will use games, teamwork and drills to teach the basics of bjj, safety and basic self defense that will serve students for life. More importantly we will explore a new character trait each week such as honesty, courtesy, self control and respect. Limit 12 students. (No club April 11.)


Soccer Club • Grades 2-4 • Led by Liz Walker and Abby Pattison
Students will learn basic soccer skills, with an emphasis on fun and inclusion. Limit 24 students. (No club April 26.)

Garden Club • Grades 2-3 • Led by Classroom in Bloom
Students will help prepare garden beds for planting, help with pruning and composting, and do art projects in the garden. Limit 12 students. (No club April 26th.) **Responsible 4th grade helpers are encouraged to register as assistants!


Nature Club • Grades K-1 • Led by educator Amanda Tomatich
Let’s get outside and see what we can find! Scavenger hunts, art projects, animal observations and more!. Limit 15 students. (No club April 27th.)

Adventure Club • Grades K-2 • Led by MVE Staff Keira Moore and Levi Colglazier
Students will build lego towers, explore the outdoors, play games & more! Limit 20 students. (No club April 27th.)

Coyote Comes Alive Club • Grades 3-5 • Led by David LaFever
This Coyote Club will focus on the mysterious and marvelous world of Bird Language! We will both connect with birds and expand our awareness of our surroundings and how we affect it through listening to and learning Bird Language. The guide for this journey into Coyote’s world is David LaFever, Executive Director of the Methow Valley Interpretive Center, wildlife biologist and educator. This Cub Club will be 100% outdoors so please come prepared for wild weather, Coyote trickery, and loads of fun! Limit 12 students. (No clubs April 27th or May 11th)

Kickball Club • Grades 4-6 • Led by Cailee Maestro
Youth kickball is a great way for kids to build social skills, develop teamwork and an active lifestyle. In Kickball Club kids will learn sport fundamentals like kicking, throwing and catching through practice and game play. It’s easy to learn and fun to play, making it a perfect game for kids of all ages. Limit 25 students. (No club April 27th.)

Dungeons and Dragons Club • Grade 5 • Led by Senior High-school Student, Zeke Grubb
This Dungeons & Dragons Club is for any and all students interested in playing tabletop role-playing games, no prior knowledge on the topic is needed. We’ll explore the creative experiences of collaborative storytelling, world-building, team building, as well as getting to role play as fantasy characters that you’ll get to create yourself. Limit 6 students. (No club April 27th.)

Trashion Fashion • Grades 1-5 • Led by Hillary Ketcham and Friends
Students will create fashion and other items with recycled materials. The final session includes a runway show to show off their pieces. Limit 25 students. (No club April 27th.)


Science Club • Grades 1-2 • Led by early childhood educator Stephanie Carter
Let’s step into the magical world of science together. Join us as we discover chemistry, biology, and environmental science and how it impacts the world around us. Join us as we create reactions, discover the world around us, and even blast off into the outer dimensions discovering the world of Science. Limit 20 students. (No club April 28th.)

Mt. Bike Club • Grades 4-5 • Led by Rachel Mozzetta and Chris Moore
Students will learn technical mountain bike skills, and gain strength and endurance. Students are encouraged to bring their own bike & helmet. If your student needs a bike, please connect with Laurel. Limit 12 students. (No club April 28th.)

Running Club • Grades 1-5 • Led by Alison Naney
Students will move, play, and run to explore the school landscape, using the track, water tower hill, and surrounding trails. Limit 25 students. (No club April 28th.)


After School Clubs in Our Community

MVRU Horse Club

• Grades 1 – 5
• Tuesday & Thursday, April 26th & 28th • 12:30 – 3 p.m. (Early Release/Conference Week)

Students will learn about horse anatomy and horse care, but they will not actually ride during this club. This club will be at MVRU’s new location at Crown S Ranch, across from the school. Limit 8 students.