MVE Clubs & Activities

We have many great extra-curricular options for students at MVE this Winter, offered free of charge, thanks to funding support from the Public School Funding Alliance. We will follow strict Covid health screening and distancing guidelines for these activities.

Conference Week is Theater Week!

During Conference Week (April 26-April 30) our regularly scheduled Cub Clubs will not be happening. Instead, students from grades K-6 will have the option to participate in a fantastic selection of Theater Clubs during conference week.

With our valley’s most beloved children’s theater productions postponed due to COVID, the MVSD, The Merc Playhouse and Methow Arts have teamed up to offer a week of theater activities through Methow Valley Elementary School’s Cub Club program.

Although “Theater Week” doesn’t replace Missoula Children’s Theater or the Tom Zbyszewski Children’s Theater, it aims to offer students a theater arts program that will nurture and sustain their love of various aspects of theatrical production.

To learn more about the details of each club and club schedule, please see our online registration form.

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Cub Clubs (K-6)

Methow Valley Elementary Cub Club

Cub Clubs are seasonal enrichment clubs based at MV Elementary for Grades K-6.

Most are run in partnership with our generous, talented community groups and individuals including: Methow Arts, The Merc Theater, Classroom in Bloom, Methow Nordic, The Winthrop Ice and Sports Rink, MV Flyfishers, Methow Recycles and MV Riding Unlimited.

  • Clubs run from April 12th – May 28th; no clubs during conference week (April 26 – 30).
  • Clubs run from 3:20 – 5:00 p.m., except for Wednesday Soccer Club. Soccer Club students will need to be picked up at MVE at 2:30.
  • These clubs are offered in addition to our After School Childcare Program, which occurs daily for grades K-6.
  • Clubs will be limited to 12 students for each grade band level (ie: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6), unless
    otherwise noted below.
  • 5:00 bus service is available to Winthrop (Red Barn) and Twisp (Community Center). The bus usually arrives at approximately 5:10 in Winthrop and 5:25 in Twisp.
  • Please let us know if your child will be absent – we take attendance each afternoon.

• Register Now for Spring Clubs!

Register online (preferred) or download registration form.

Spring 2021 Club Descriptions


• Art Club (Grades 1-2)
Led by by Katharine Bill and other guests. Art projects will be inspired by nature and outdoors as much as possible.

• Yoga Club (Grades 3-4)
Led by Lisa Whatley. Kids Surrender Yoga includes music, art, dance and yoga to promote mental and physical balance and strength.

• Writing Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Chris Solomon. Students will experiment with creative non-fiction and learn first-hand from an acclaimed journalist.

• Advanced Soccer Skills Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Tom Venable. Building upon their current skill level, participants will develop their footwork, conditioning, and understanding of the game.


• Girls Mountain Bike Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Kat Power. Students will learn technical mountain bike skills, and gain strength and endurance. Bike rentals available.

• Running Club (Grades 1-6)
Led by Alison Naney. Students will move, play, and run to explore the school landscape, using the track, water tower hill, and surrounding trails.

• Garden Club (Grades 3-4)
Led by Classroom in Bloom. Students will help prepare garden beds for planting, help with pruning and composting, and do art projects in the garden.


• Intramural Soccer Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Ingrid Venable and advised by Tom Venable. Students will learn basic soccer skills and scrimmage in small groups.


• Beginning Soccer Club (Grades 1-4)
Led by Liz Walker, Abby Pattison and Jen Ramsey. Students will learn basic soccer skills, with an emphasis on fun and inclusion.

• Flag Football Club (Grades 3-4)
Led by Ray Sanders. Students will run, catch and play.

• Boys Mountain Bike Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Kat Power. Students will learn technical mountain bike skills, and gain strength and endurance. Bike rentals available.

• Mind Buffet Art Club (Grades 5-6)
The Mind Buffet is a retail store and workshop space created by and for Methow Valley youth. In this club, led by Mara Zepeda, we’ll make art (painting, murals, collage, calligraphy, recycled materials sculpture, etc.) and be joined by occasional guest artists. Students can choose to sell their creations at the Mind Buffet and learn fundamentals to starting their own business like social media marketing, sales, and basic accounting. Students will ride the bus to Winthrop and walk to The Mind Buffet studio. Limited to 5 students.


• Fly Fishing Club (Grades 3-4)
Led by Jonathan Stratman. Students will learn the basics of insect ecology, how to tie flies, cast with a fly rod, and how to and catch and release fish.

• Art Club (Grades 3-4)
Led by Christa Culbert. Inspired by nature, and driven by creativity, students will explore the world through paint, clay, found objects, and drawing.

• Socratic Dialogue Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Grace Butler. Students will engage in discussions surrounding topics that are important to them. Sessions will emphasize listening, learning, and asking critical questions in the pursuit of understanding and knowledge.

• Birding Club (Grades 5-6)
Led by Janet Bauer. Students will learn about ornithology, birding by ear, monitoring nest boxes, and songbird conservation. With help from North Central WA Audubon chapter.

Beginning Strings (Grades 5-6)

Led by Pam Hunt, this program will meet on Wednesdays (11:00 – 11:30 a.m.) outdoors at MVE. Any 5th or 6th grade student, who would like to learn violin, cello or viola, may borrow an instrument free of charge.

• Questions? Please contact Katharine Bill.


MVSD Summer Hours: District Office will be open Tuesday-Thursday, 9 am - 3 pm. All school offices will reopen August 16th. Enjoy a wonderful summer break!