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MVSD Music Program Receives $1,500 Donation from Winthrop Music Association

Two music students playing ukuleles.

The MVSD Music Program has received a generous donation of $1,500 from the Winthrop Music Association, a local non-profit that produces the annual Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival.

In a letter sent on behalf of the Winthrop Music Association from Erika Olsen, Festival Director and Rick Northcott, WMA President, they stated, “The association is thrilled to make this donation which aligns with our mission of promoting arts and culture in the Methow Valley…”

It’s with sincere gratitude and appreciation that we wish to publicly thank the Winthrop Music Association and its board members for their continued support of our growing music program!

MVE Announces Fantastic Fall Club Line Up

Dear Methow Valley Students, Parents, and Community Members,

Working in partnership with PSFA and our many talented community members, MVE is pleased to announce a fantastic line up of enriching Cub Club activities.

Cub ClubIn an effort to support each student’s interests, we ask that you register online, or review, complete and return your student’s registration form to the MVE front office no later than Wednesday, October 20th.

Please know that space within each club is limited. Thus, we encourage you to work with your child to identify an alternative option in the event their first choice is full.

Thank you for helping us to make the Methow Valley an exceptional place to live, work, and raise healthy youth!

Laurel Carlton
MVE Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Methow Valley School District: School Closure, Delays, and Emergency Routes

Dear Methow Valley Students, Parents, and Community Members,

As the season and weather begin to change, we want to remind you about the procedures we have in place regarding “School Closures, Delays, and Emergency Bus Routes.”

Depending on the conditions, possible changes to the regular school schedule might include:

  • MVSD schools closed for the day
  • MVSD schools operating on a two-hour delayed start schedule
  • MVSD schools operating on a two-hour delayed start schedule with emergency bus routes* in effect
  • MVSD buses operating on time with emergency bus routes* in effect

*Emergency Bus Route information can be found on our School Closures, Delays and Emergency Routes page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What would cause a school closure?
A: The MVSD will close its schools when it is determined that the conditions (weather, fire, smoke, flooding, prolonged power outage, etc.) are unsafe for normal school operations.

Q: When schools are closed for the day, what does that mean for before and after-school activities?
A: When schools are closed for the day, all before and after-school activities, athletic practices and events, and the Head Start Preschool program are cancelled.

Q: How often does the Methow Valley close its schools due to adverse weather conditions, power outages, or otherwise?
A: Very seldom. Recognizing the closure of our schools creates a significant disruption in the lives of the families and community we serve, the MVSD takes the decision to close its schools seriously.

Q: If school is closed, will students be required to make up the day?
A: Yes. If school is closed for the day, the missed school day will be added to the end of the school calendar.

Q: What would cause a two-hour delayed start?
A: Typically weather-related, the MVSD will initiate a two-hour delayed start to the school day when the conditions require additional time to ensure the safe operations of the school district, allowing bus drivers, parents, and our student-drivers the additional time necessary to safely travel to school.

Q: How are programs impacted when operating on a two-hour delayed start?
A: When operating on a two-hour delayed start, bus drivers will begin picking up students two hours later than the normal scheduled time. This means if your student regularly catches their bus at 7:30 am, they would catch the bus at 9:30 am.

Q: How does a two-hour delayed start to the school day impact the rest of the school day and after-school programs?
A: School will let out at the regular time and the afternoon routes will operate on their normal schedule.

Q: How does a two-hour delayed start impact the Head Start Preschool program?
A: In the event of a delayed start to the school day, the Head Start Preschool program will operate on a two-hour delayed schedule as well.

Q: What is an emergency bus route?
A: Several routes may be impacted by adverse conditions making it unsafe for the bus to travel on certain roads. Riders on affected routes will meet the bus at their designated emergency stop. (Visit our School Closures, Delays and Emergency Routes page for details.)

Q: What if conditions change or an event takes place during the school day? Will you close schools early?
A: With the exception of extreme weather conditions or an event (e.g. fire, prolonged power outage) making it unsafe to remain in the school building(s), we make every effort to avoid closing our schools early. If it is determined that we need to close school early, we would use the lines of communication listed below to notify families of these changes.

Q: How does the MVSD make decisions about changes to the regular school day?
A: It’s not a perfect science given the many variables, but it begins and ends with one constant – the safety of our students, staff, parents, and community members. Working in consultation with the WA DOH and county road crews, the MVSD assesses and evaluates each event using multiple sources of information (weather forecasts, current and predicted road conditions, possible power outages, air quality measures, etc.) in support of its effort to make an informed decision.

Q: What if the MVSD is operating on-time or on a delayed schedule, but I believe the conditions where I live make it unsafe for me or my student(s) to attend school. What should I do?
A: The MVSD Transportation Department provides busing services to the largest geographic attendance area in the state of Washington. As such, we recognize that the conditions in Lost River may vary greatly from those in Carlton. We trust that each parent will make an informed decision that they believe is in the best interest of their student’s safety and well-being. If a parent believes the conditions in their area are unsafe for travel to and from school, they should notify their student’s school that their student will not be attending school and that they are excusing their absence.

Q: How will the MVSD communicate these potential changes to the school schedule?
A: Changes to the regular school schedule will be communicated using several sources of information. These include:

  • School Messenger – With School Messenger, we will phone, text or email you whenever there’s a change to the regular school day schedule. Please make sure the school has accurate contact information for you.
  • Skyward Messenger – With Skyward Messenger, we will email students and parents whenever there’s a change to the regular school day schedule. Please make sure the school has accurate contact information for you.
  • Radio – Tune into the following radio stations to hear changes to our school schedule – KOZI “Community Radio” (103.1 FM) and KTRT “K-Root” (97.5 FM).
  • Social Media – We will post updates about school closures, delays and emergency bus route modifications on the MVSD Facebook page.

Q: When can I expect the district to notify me of the changes?
A: The MVSD will make every attempt to notify students, parents, and community members of changes to the regular school schedule no later than 6:00 am.

You can find more information about school closures, delays, and/or changes to bus routes on our School Closures, Delays and Emergency Routes page or by contacting the Transportation Department at (509) 997-2113.

Be safe,
Tom Venable
Superintendent, Methow Valley School District

Close Contacts? Testing? Quarantine? Isolation? Your COVID-19 Questions Answered!

COVID UpdatesIn an effort to keep our community up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 protocols, MVSD School Nurse Adriana Vanbianchi has pulled together a variety of resources to answer the most common questions she receives.

If you haven’t visited our COVID-19 Updates page in a while, now is a great time to review these updates.

True Community Builders: Methow Valley Riding Unlimited

Yesterday, Methow Valley Riding Unlimited opened their gates to Let’m Ride participants, returning after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic!

Methow Valley Riding Unlimited participant hugging a white horse.In a letter sent to parents of participating students, Methow Valley Riding Unlimited staff captured the energy and enthusiasm associated with the reopening and their new location stating, “It’s so wonderful to see the program back in action – and even more exciting to be in our new location directly across from the elementary school at Crown S Ranch (thank you to the Sukovaty family).”

During their first session, students explored the theme titled, “building community” through three different activities. They included:

Greeting and Riding Horses – Many Let’m Ride participants were reported to be a little nervous at first, but their intuitive, gentle horses and instructor Annie B helped students learn to relax and replace feelings of anxiety and fear with confidence. Further, returning students were able to mentor the first-timers – a great way to “build community.” One participant shared that her grandfather is in the hospital, and that she felt like she was hugging him when she hugged MVRU’s big white elder mare, Buttons.

Caring for Horses – Students are learning the important skill of observation, in this case, the body language displayed by MVRU’s horses. Reading cues from those around us can help us build community.

Defining Community – Denise T. organized 5 different activities which included picking our favorite quotes about community, community bingo, and building a shared definition of community. One participant shared that she felt included and a sense of belonging.

Please join us as we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and commitment displayed by MVRU’s Let ‘Em Ride staff and volunteers (Annie, Jasmine, Christa, Denise T., Denise C., Bo, Rick, Tracie, and Tulie) to cultivate caring, empathetic, principled individuals who act selflessly, with integrity, humility, and compassion in support of others – true community builders leading by example!

Poetry Out Loud Returns to The Merc!

Poetry Out Loud logoCome out and support our MVSD student poets! ILC and Liberty Bell students will be competing for a chance to advance to the Regional Finals in Spokane.

Join us at The Merc Playhouse, Wednesday, October 6th @ 6 p.m. Masks required. Admission by donation.