District Committees

Much of the work accomplished in Methow Valley School District is the result of representatives from stakeholder groups who do specific work at the direction of the Superintendent. Major decisions, minutes, and any report or recommendations resulting from committee work are posted here. The following committees are actively engaged in Methow Valley School District’s work.

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Family & Community Engagement Committee (MVE)

Basis for Establishment:
Family and Community Engagement is one of the six strategic anchors for the Methow Valley School District, which states “when families and community participate in the education of our youth, students achieve at higher levels. We promote continuous, two-way communication and active engagement in the learning process through a strong partnership between the home, school, community.”
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MVSD Budget Development Task Force

Basis for Establishment: The Methow Valley School District aims to engage all stakeholder groups in a transparent and inclusive budget development process resulting in a balanced budget that reflects the vision, beliefs, and values (outcomes) of the community.
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Icicle Fund - Methow Arts

Arts Advisory Committee Charter

Basis for Establishment: Methow Arts Alliance (Methow Arts) has received a generous three-year grant, supporting a partnership between the Methow Valley School District and Methow Arts. Using the grant funding, the MVSD and Methow Arts will work with classroom teachers in grades K-3 to develop learners who understand the critical concepts commonly associated with the International Baccalaureate “Design Cycle” through the integration of the arts in grades K-3.
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Early Childhood Education Steering Committee

Basis for Establishment: Early Childhood Education is one of the Six Strategic Anchors of the Methow Valley School District. We recognize the developmental importance of the early childhood years, when 90% of the brain develops by age 5, and we believe that access to high-quality pre-K programs will have significant long-term benefits for Methow Valley children both academically and socio-emotionally.
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MVSD Tennis Court in Disrepair

Facilities Advisory Committee (2015)

Basis for Establishment: In response to our aging facilities and bus fleet, the citizens residing within the Methow Valley School District attendance area recently (Spring, 2015) supported the successful passage of two levies – A Six-Year, 4.5 Million Dollar Capital Projects Levy and an 800 Thousand Dollar, Transportation Vehicle Fund Levy. The funding associated with each of these levies will be received by the school district in the spring and fall of each year, beginning in the spring of 2016.
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Highly Capable Leaning Advisory Committee

Highly Capable Learning (HCL) Advisory Committee

Basis for Establishment: Increase opportunities for families across our district to provide insight and collaborate around topics relevant to students identified as Highly Capable. To continue to provide feedback on the implementation of the Highly Capable Learners Program.
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Special Education Services

IEP/504 Outreach Charter Committee

Basis for Establishment: We recognize that by supporting, engaging and empowering parents of children who are neurologically and physically diverse, we build stronger educational systems for our students. The Methow Valley School District, with the partnering agency ESD 112, has a commitment to improving communication and resources for our parents and educators on behalf of all students with disabilities.
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Old Liberty Bell High School furniture

Liberty Bell Learning Environment Committee

Basis for Establishment: The citizens residing within the Methow Valley School District attendance area recently (Spring, 2015) supported the successful passage of two levies. The funding associated with Capital Projects – Facilities Improvement Levy includes a variety of projects, including the replacement of aging flooring and furniture throughout our schools.
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Student Health Advisory Committee

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Basis for Establishment: Washington state received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to promote the model of “Coordinated School Health.” Schools were encouraged to embrace this model by the creation of School Health Advisory Councils that include 8 interconnecting components. Each component makes an important contribution to students’ well-being and readiness to learn.
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