District Calendar Committee

If you are interested in participating, please complete the Committee Application Form, found on the District Committee Charter page, and submit online or to the District Office, no later than Friday, February 2nd at 4:30 p.m.

District Calendar

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District Calendar Committee Charter 2018-19

The purpose of this group is to:
Use data and stakeholder input to develop calendar options that are inclusive of start/end dates, holidays, professional development days and other key events. Certificated and classified staff members vote upon the calendar options. The calendar option receiving the most votes is recommended to the superintendent and school board for final approval.

Committee Type:
Contractual Committee

Basis for Establishment:
The MVEA collective bargaining agreement requires the formation of the committee and defines the decision-making process. The agreement invites stakeholder representation in the form of a student representative and parent representative to assist in the formation of the calendar options.

Meeting Calendar

Time & Location: TBD
Once formed, the committee will meet as needed to develop at least two calendar options. The options will be voted upon and a final recommendation will be submitted to the MVSD Superintendent and School Board for consideration at the March 28, 2018 regular School Board meeting.


Committee Members:
The District Calendar Committee will consist of the following members:

    • Adam Kaufman, Committee Chair
    • Meridith Dufresne, MVES Certificated Representative
    • Tyler Solstad, MVES Certificated Representative
    • Don Haley, MVES Certificated Representative
    • Rebecca Thomson, LBHS Certificated Representative
    • Brynne Edwards, LBHS Certificated Representative
    • Jean Koreski, MVSD Certificated Healthy and Fitness Specialist Representative
    • Matt Armbrust, MVSD Certificated Music Specialist Representative
    • Tricia Labanauskas, LBHS Classified Representative
    • Mandy Schmekel, MVES Classified Representative
    • Doug Barr, MVSD Classified Transportation Representative
    • Open, MVSD Student Representative
    • Open, MVSD Parent Representative
    • Ashley Lodato, MVSD Parent Representative
    • Bob Winters, MVSD Administrative Representative
    • Deborah DeKalb, Administrative Representative

    Ex-officio members include:

    • Tom Venable, Superintendent

    If you have any questions about the work of the committee, process, or timelines, please contact Tom Venable, MVSD Superintendent at tvenable@methow.org or (509) 996-9205.

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